Long Beach Buy Back Program Nets More Than 160 Guns

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The City of Long Beach held a Gun Buy Back event on Saturday, June 8, 2013, collecting 168 firearms, including five assault weapons. Those who turned in guns received gift cards valued at $50, $100 or $200 depending on the type and condition of the firearm; a total value of $17,000 in gift cards was distributed.  In addition to collecting the firearms, gun safety information was provided at the event.

“I’m pleased that so many of our residents helped make our city safer by getting unwanted guns off the street,” Mayor Bob Foster said.

The goal of the event, held at the North Police Substation, was to reduce the number of guns in the Long Beach community.  While there are many lawful gun owners, their guns are sometimes stolen and used in the commission of a violent crime.  Reducing the number of guns would lessen the chances of this happening.

“The Police Department continues to look for ways to improve safety in Long Beach.  Thank you to all the community members who participated in this event,” said Police Chief Jim McDonnell.

The Mayor and City Council approved the Gun Buy Back program on January 22, at the request of Councilmembers Steven Neal, James Johnson and Al Austin.

Although gift cards are no longer available, residents may at any time of the year call Long Beach Police Department, and request firearm collection from their home or business. Callers should call police dispatch at 562.435.6711 and indicate that they wish to have the gun destroyed.  Please do not bring loaded firearms to a police station.

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