Long Beach Clothing Co. Finds New Home in Bixby Knolls

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lb-clothing  FINDS NEW HOME IN BIXBY KNOLLSAfter an eight month search, clothing store will soon re-open its doors.

“Where the hell did you guys go?”

That’s what we’ve heard every day since March when we departed The Pike. After nearly eight months of searching the City high and low for perfect place to settle down, we met Blair Cohn at the Bixby Knolls Business Improvement Association. Blair convinced us that Bixby Knolls was the place to be. His enthusiasm for the community is unparalleled. Bixby Knolls clearly offered many benefits, not only to Long Beach Clothing Co., but to its customers; abundant free parking, unique mom & pop shops as well as eateries-o-plenty.

Shortly after meeting with Blair, we found a 2,000 square foot space at 4218 Atlantic Avenue. Although the unit needed some work, we immediately knew it was home. The new storefront is located immediately across the street from Trader Joe’s and just a few doors down from E.J. Malloy’s, one of our favorite watering holes.

As we near the end of construction, we invite everyone to stop by this Friday, December 3rd for a “Preview.” Catch a live in-store performance from one of our favorite local bands, The B Foundation, who have just returned from a national tour. Grab a free Long Beach sticker and cruise around Bixby Knolls shops, open late in celebration of Bixby Knolls’ First Friday series.

Long Beach Clothing Co. will officially open in a few weeks, once construction is complete.

Get an early look at the triumphant return of Long Beach Clothing Co., 4218 Atlantic Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90807, during Bixby Knolls First Friday on Friday, December 3rd, 2010 starting at 8PM.

Long Beach Clothing Co. wasn’t designed to make anyone rich. It was created as a way to express a passion for Long Beach.

What idiot would drop a few hundred grand into a business that had little hope of generating a profit? A complete lunatic, that’s who. But, when you have a passion for something, almost nothing can stop you. And, that’s just what happened when we first saw that open plot of land now known as The Pike. We were sitting across the street at the Yardhouse tipping a few back when one of us had the brainiac idea… “Hey, what if we opened a super rad store that only made stuff for locals?” And, surprisingly, after sobering up, the idea still seemed like a good one. So, we sat down, wrote a business plan and asked our friends and families for money. Some laughed and some, fortunately, thought it was an interesting idea. Luckily, enough said yes and we finally got the dough needed to sign the lease and open the store.

Our first call back in October ’03 was to Travis Barker who had a little clothing line called Famous Stars & Straps. Of course you’re all aware of it now, but back then it was super fresh and hard to get. We called Jonas from LRG, Mr. Cartoon and many others.

They all thought our idea was cool so they set us up with accounts and helped us out with artwork for our fledgling clothing line.

Flash forward a few years… It seemed that our customers were overwhelmingly coming in for just one brand, ours. Talk about flattering! So, over the next few months in mid ’08 we backed off our friends’ clothing lines and focused on ours, Long Beach Clothing. It was just further proof that Long Beach residents have more pride than any other city.

They demanded a wider variety of high quality merchandise featuring original Long Beach art.

Unfortunately, like millions of American businesses that had grandiose plans in 2008, everything came crashing down when the economy fell apart. Customers who would walk out with four shirts per visit were having to decide on which “one” they were going to buy.

After about year of negotiation with the mall’s owner, we realized that The Pike was simply no longer the proper fit for us. We departed on good terms and wish our former fellow tenants the very best.

It’s been absolutely mind-boggling how many people were disappointed by our closing.

We want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for the outpouring of support. It’s been truly humbling.

Happy to be back.
Long Beach Clothing Co.

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