Long Beach Community Foundation to Conduct Professional Evaluation of Atlantic Avenue Connected Corridor Project

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Evaluators to survey the community on its effectiveness

Long Beach Community Foundation (LBCF) has engaged the services of Behavioral Assessment Inc. (BAI) to conduct a professional evaluation of the Atlantic Avenue Connected Corridor project, which started in Fall 2007. As the website states, the “[Connected Corridor project] is designed to transform neighborhoods into one community by creating connectivity and empowering stakeholders from the “top of the town to downtown” along Atlantic Avenue.” (www.connectedcorridor.org)

Through neighborhood outreach, roundtable discussions, and community forums in four defined phases along Atlantic Avenue, community input was gathered about the assets and needs of each area. Based on these results, community grants were awarded for proposed programs and services most effectively addressing these needs. With grants recently announced in Phase 4, the Corridor area in downtown Long Beach, the formal strategy of the project is approaching its conclusion, although the new relationships and collaborations formed in the process will continue into the future.

Documenting the process as a blueprint for possible application along other corridors is the final objective in the project. Including additional input from the community on their experience and impressions of the Connected Corridor in the blueprint is significant in guiding future projects. This additional input will be gathered and summarized by the evaluation team led by BAI’s President and CEO Richard Cervantes, Ph.D., in collaboration with Kumamoto Associates and Cheryl D. Cromwell & Associates. An Advisory Group of key Connected Corridor participants will provide input to Dr. Cervantes’ team and also assist in making connections for the evaluation team with community members.

The Long Beach Community Foundation is a nonprofit, public charity that helps individuals, families, and organizations meet their philanthropic goals; serves nonprofit agencies and organizations setting up endowment funds for them to ensure their future funding; assists professional advisors with their planned giving counseling; and makes strategic grants to Long Beach nonprofits to strengthen their positions and/or launch new programs.

Funding for the Atlantic Avenue Connected Corridor project was provided by LBCF through a transformation initiative grant from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.

More information can be found at www.longbeachcf.org or by calling Sandy VandenBerge at (562) 435-9033.

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