Long Beach Community Foundation Offers Grants to Collaborative Nonprofits

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The Long Beach Community Foundation (LBCF) is offering more than $40,000 in grants to nonprofits who successfully demonstrate a potential collaboration with one or more nonprofits to provide service, training or programming in Long Beach. LBCF is interested in encouraging and supporting collaborations among nonprofits to increase efficiency, reduce duplication of efforts and maximize impact in Long Beach.

“Collaborations and joint programming are becoming more and more important to the nonprofit sector every day,” said Marcelle Epley, LBCF President and CEO. “Collective action is an effective way for nonprofits to increase their impact. When people reach across lines, they tap into new ideas, resources and partnerships that can help them achieve their mutual goals.”

These collaboration grants are available to 501c3 organizations based in Long Beach or providing services to Long Beach residents. Applicants will be asked to demonstrate a collaboration that will increase efficiency, reduce duplication of efforts, and maximize impact within Long Beach.

Please visit the Long Beach Community Foundation website for an application and additional grant requirements.

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