Long Beach Election Results: District 7 moves to run-off; One newcomer prepares for City Hall

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long beach election resultsLong Beach residents cast 34,976 ballots in yesterday’s election. In a city where nearly half the population is registered to vote, 14.7% of registered voters chose the leaders. Long Beach election results streamed live over the city’s website throughout the night. Still marked as “unofficial,” these results are accurate as of 3:39 a.m.

Long Beach Mayor Bob Foster was the first to give an acceptance speech last night when it became clear that opponent Steve Merino would not get enough votes pose a challenge. The 21-year-old mayoral candidate was definitely a long shot, but managed to capture 16.2% of the ballots garnering  5,057 votes to Bob Foster’s 26,175.

The only election heading towards a run-off is the 7th District Council seat. With votes cast for 5 candidates—Jill Hill, Jack C. Smith, James Johnson and write-in candidates Fernando Bernabe and Tonia Reyes-Uranga—only two will move on the next round. Since no candidate was able to earn more than 50% of the votes, incumbent Tonia Reyes-Uranga will face off with James Johnson at a run-off election in June.

(The election results for Council Districts 1, 3, 5 and 9 are expressed as percentages. For actual number of ballots cast, see the table at the end of this article.)

Many residents wondered whether the District 9 race would also end with a run-off election. Four candidates started the race, including Dan Pressburg who dropped out last month but still received 5.9% of the votes. Of the three candidates left, Steven Neal emerged victorious with 52.3% of the North Long Beach electorate choosing him over two-term incumbent Val Lerch. Lerch received 26.1% of the votes as a write-in candidate. Brad Shore received 15.7%.

The Council elections for Districts 1, 3, and 5 were all taken by the incumbents.

With 70% of the ballots, Robert Garcia kept the 1st District from passing over to Jana Shields.

Gary Delong easily won the 3rd District with 62.2% of the votes. Tom Marchese grabbed 20.1% and Terry Jensen had 17.4%.

Gerrie Schipske will remain in the 5th District Council seat with 63.9% of ballots in her favor against challenger Mike Hedges.

City Auditor Laura Doud, who ran unopposed, will continue in her post.

For the election results of the Long Beach Community College District and the LBUSD Board, see the table below.

Long Beach Election Results

Mayor Vote Count Percentage
BOB FOSTER 26,175 83.8%
City Attorney Vote Count Percentage
ROBERT SHANNON 17,734 57.7%
TOM REEVES 13,002 42.3%
City Auditor Vote Count Percentage
LAURA DOUD 29,070 100.0%
City Prosecutor Vote Count Percentage
DOUG HAUBERT 16,629 54.4%
TIMOTHY O’REILLY 13,927 45.6%
Council Member, District 1 Vote Count Percentage
ROBERT GARCIA 1,020 70.9%
JANA SHIELDS 418 29.1%
Council Member, District 3 Vote Count Percentage
GARY DELONG 4,711 62.6%
TOM MARCHESE 1,510 20.1%
TERRY G. JENSEN 1,309 17.4%
Council Member, District 5 Vote Count Percentage
MIKE HEDGES 2,448 36.1%
Council Member, District 7 Vote Count Percentage
JAMES JOHNSON 2,121 45.0%
JILL HILL 845 18.0%
JACK C. SMITH 281 6.0%
Council Member, District 9 Vote Count Percentage
STEVEN NEAL 1,440 52.3%
BRAD SHORE 431 15.7%
VAL LERCH 717 26.1%
LBCC District Governing Board, Trustee Area 1 Vote Count Percentage
JEFFREY A. KELLOGG 3,103 51.6%
LUUKIA A. SMITH 1,693 28.2%
TIMOTHY W. TUCKER 1,216 20.2%
LBCC District Governing Board, Trustee Area 3 Vote Count Percentage
MARK J. BOWEN 1,823 59.8%
DAVE HALL 1,227 40.2%
LBCC District Governing Board, Trustee Area 5 Vote Count Percentage
TOM CLARK 5,178 54.0%
DEMIREA R. PERRY 1,038 10.8%
LBUSD Governing Board Member, District 1 Vote Count Percentage
MARY STANTON 3,543 57.4%
JEFFREY S. PRICE 2,626 42.6%


6 Responses to “Long Beach Election Results: District 7 moves to run-off; One newcomer prepares for City Hall”
  1. Scott Blumenthal says:

    Congratulations to all…except those registered Long Beach voters who DID NOT vote!

  2. Anne Struiksma says:

    LBCC doesn’t know what it missed. Phil Shrotman is the best. A positive change could have been made with Mr. Shrotman.
    Shame on the Press Telegram for not endorsing him. Anything the PT endorses, one should do the opposite.

  3. LB RES says:

    SCHIPSKE sucks. Can’t stand her lazy fat a$$ – she does NOTHING for her district unless it suits her personal interest. Pot holes, broken sidewalks, overgrown trees – but hey we all got new stop signs on EVERY corner in my neighborhood that are very pleasing to look at as people drive right through them. I can’t wait for her term to be over, God help us with what she will come up with in the next few years before she has to leave.

  4. Edie says:

    Woot-Woot for Gary Delong, Robert Shannon and Doug Haubert!!!
    NOW, let’s get some things done in Long Beach…more business savy and less liberal bureaucracy! We need to re-invent Long Beach and make it a city it once was…beautiful, business friendly and tough on crime!


  5. Heidi says:

    So incredibly dissatisfied with Schipske, a local neighbor as well. She has done NOTHING for our neighborhood…in fact she has helped stir up dissension or in other words made some neighbors who are not voting the same way as herself and her wife feel uncomfortable in the neighborhood.

    We have a termite INFESTED CITY TREE in our front yard on the sidewalk and she refuses to help get that thing removed. NOW our HOUSE has termites!!!!! This is a CITY TREE!! Hey let me foot the bill and chop that thing down. Perhaps she would like to foot the bill for house extermination and to house my large family while we have to spend a few days elsewhere!!!! Should only cost about $5000 or so. So nice to know she thinks we are made of money.

    Oh yeah and our sidewalk is starting to buckle…so she has not fixed our sidewalk. And the only time the curbs did get attention…was just before this recent election!! Nothing like a last minute ditch effort.

    At least when Jackie Kell was in office, we got things done ASAP!! Trash problems resolved. Local trees always looked good. AND Jackie Kell got the stop light installed at Barrios and Studebaker so we can get our children to our local park without being ran over by the speeding drivers up and down Studebaker and we can visit our local library. We would call if there were issues and Jackie Kell was on the problem and getting it resolved. She even came to our house to ask in person how things were going for follow up regarding any concerns we had. Talk about GRADE A customer service. AND we weren’t a neighborhood divided.

    YES Jackie Kell, I miss your service tremendously.

  6. Heidi says:

    Oh yeah and I have contacted her office several times regarding THAT STUPID CITY TREE and we get nothing but ignored and HER OFFICE HELP is RUDE!!!! So you wonder why I’m so upset with her…its because Schipske is costing us $$$ personally and as a city servant she has NO CLUE what it means to serve her district. Her customer service skills/people skills STINK!!!

    THAT SAME TREE is the root to the side walk issues. (pun intended)

    Oh yeah and that same tree forced me to have to call a plumber ($700 later) because the root system began to grow into the plumbing that ran out to the street sewer line.