Give it up! Long Beach Evolvers to explore the gifting economy

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lb-evolvers-giveOn January 21, Long Beach’s “Evolvers” will gather at Light and Space Studio on 620 Cherry Avenue to explore the benefits of a grassroots economic system based on gifting.

Attendees will exchange “Green Elephant” gifts hand-made for the occasion, and will explore the possibility of forming a local Time Bank, where members would earn “Time Dollars” for services rendered, reconnecting labor and value with time as the common rate of exchange.

The event will include guest speakers, performance art, DJ sets, delicious vegetarian food, and engaging discussion.

Long Beach’s “Evolvers” are group dedicated to social change through an evolution of consciousness and the implementation of creative solutions. “Evolver spores” are monthly events exploring emerging topics, open to the public, occurring in 33 cities around the world, sponsored by the social networking site,

Parking is street-only, and a $5/$10 donation is suggested at the door.


One Response to “Give it up! Long Beach Evolvers to explore the gifting economy”
  1. Rebecca A. Behar-Johnson says:

    This is a very cool idea. I like it a lot.