Long Beach hospitals host Bring Your Child to Work Day

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miller-childrens-hospitalJune 16, 2009 was not a typical work day at Long Beach Memorial and Miller Children’s Hospital. More than 120 “young professionals” between the ages of 7 to 17 came to work with their parents to learn about the medical profession and how the two hospitals benefit the community.
The annual “Bring Your Child to Work Today” event educated children about what their mothers and fathers do at the two state-of-the-art hospitals. Outside the Emergency Department, paramedics taught children how to load patients into a Care Ambulance. In Miller Children’s Hospital, the children stood on tiptoes peering through the glass at newborn babies. Whether it was browsing the medical records department or learning about physical therapy, the young tourists learned not only what their parents do at work all day, but also what services the hospitals provide.
“Our goal is to teach the kids what we do at the hospital,” said Romanita Worrel, pharmacy tech leading a tour group. “We teach them about the different departments and who we help. It also serves as career guide for them at an early age.”
After the tours, the hardworking young professionals took a lunch break and were treated to Tommy the Clown, complete with a magic show and a dance-off. Parents and their children took pictures together, made frosted cookies and had their faces painted.
“This fun event really teaches children about the medical field,” said Betty Martin, a patient care assistant at Miller Children’s Hospital and parent who brought her daughter to work. “It’s knowledge they can bring back home and to their families.”
Pictured Above: A dozen “young professionals” and their team leaders poses with a K-9 dog and a public safety officer in front of Long Beach Memorial during Bring Your Child to Work Day.
Pictured Below: Craig Newsam, manager in Research and Education, shows John Chaské Dupree, age 10, how crutches are used in physical therapy.


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  1. Moora says:

    Really cool. Seems like a lot of work coordinating with all those depts! But it seems very worth it. Lucky kids!