City of Long Beach Introduces Mulch Home Delivery Program to Homeowners

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mulch Home delivery

Photo by B. Baltimore Brown

Through a new delivery program, the Office of Sustainability is extending the benefits of mulch to residents throughout the City.  Mulch from City tree trimming operations is now available by request to Long Beach homeowners.

“The Mulch Home Delivery Program provides a chance to bring environmental stewardship home to residents throughout the City of Long Beach,” said Sustainability Coordinator Larry Rich. “This program will contribute significantly to our continued efforts to achieve one of the highest waste diversion rates in the nation.”

Every year the City of Long Beach produces an average of 12,000 tons of green waste from standard tree trimming maintenance.  The City works to place mulch on vacant property owned by the City and the Redevelopment Agency as a part of Operation Mulch-A-Lot, which prevents this valuable material from being discarded by reusing it locally.  In 2009-2010, Operation Mulch-A-Lot placed 6,000 tons of mulch on vacant City lots and in parks.  While Operation Mulch-A-Lot is a successful, innovative program, it leaves a significant amount of mulch unused.  Mulch from City tree trimming operations offers a number of landscaping advantages including weed reduction, added nutrients, soil temperature moderation, water retention, improved soil structure, beautification, and improved root systems.

To be eligible to receive mulch through this program, one must be a Long Beach resident and homeowner. The City’s Office of Sustainability has set up a mulch request process through which eligible residents may request mulch.  The Mulch Request Form is available online and can be submitted via email.  Residents will be asked to indicate the amount of mulch desired, the reason for the mulch, and the most opportune times for loads to be delivered.  Capacity is limited to 10 deliveries a week on a first-come, first-served basis. Application materials and program information on the Mulch Home Delivery Program is available on the Office of Sustainability’s website.

Funding for this program is provided by state and federal grants through the Pacific Gateway Workforce Investment Network. Youth Green Job Trainees and their supervisors will perform the deliveries.

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