Jaycees Adopt a Teacher program pays for classroom supplies

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Today, with the current budget concerns, teachers are wondering how, or if, they are going to be allowed to continue their jobs. Some teachers are taking it upon themselves to seek out the answers. Recently, 27 Long Beach area teachers were recipients of grants to fund classroom supplies and other classroom related expenses. These teachers are the most recent recipients of the Long Beach Jaycees Charitable Foundation’s, Adopt A Teacher program.

Devi Nathan of Barton Elementary was able to take her 3rd grade class to the Getty Museum, while Elizabeth Lovine a teacher of the visually impaired purchased tactual puzzles for pre school and kindergarten students.

For the last seven years, the Long Beach Junior Chamber of Commerce Charitable Foundation has run the Mary Pat Bamrick Adopt A Teacher program. Teachers are encouraged to apply to be “adopted” and when they are, they receive funds to purchase needed classroom supplies. Supplies that are normally purchased directly from the teachers own pockets.

A printer for the library at Wilson High School was on the shopping list for Lia Ladas when she received her grant and Stacey Petterson of Lakewood High School wanted to impart the magic of classic theater and was able to purchase teaching materials so they could study the play, “A Street Car Named Desire”. The kids took to the play so much they thanked Ms Petterson by hosting an impromptu “Stella!” shouting contest outside her classroom.

The Adopt a Teacher program is named after Mary Pat Bamrick, a long time Long Beach Teacher and active Jaycee who succumbed to cancer in 2004. Since the start of the program, over two hundred teachers have been adopted!

Long Beach Miller Children’s Hospital will be the benefactor after teacher Donna Dean’s students from Monroe Elementary make twenty quilts as a community service project funded by the grant. The Star King Elementary music students in Kari Ivey’s concert band no longer have to strain to hear her as she now addresses them through a wireless lavaliere microphone. Ms Kari said she would often lose her voice trying to address the concert band and now is able to keep their attention and interest in music.

This years other Adopt a Teacher grant recipients include, Sabrina Arney, Jordan High School, Geoffrey Barb, Stephens Middle School, Kaarin Bell, Prisk Elementary, Cabdice Browning, Gary Romanio and Kenneth Fisher, Cabrillo Hogh School, Melinda Clare and Shannon Patterson, Burcham Elementary, Caryn Cobb, Lisa Parker and Jennifer Scott, Lakewood High School, Devon Day, Wilson High School, Megan Haplinshy, Bret Harte Elementary, Albert Robinson, Jackie Robinson Academy, Peggy Repcik-Avery, Cleveland Middle School, Mireya Valenzuela, McKinley Elementary and Roberta Williams from Hughes Middle School.

The Adopt a Teacher program is funded by generous contributions from the community. People interested in supporting their local teachers can send their tax-deductible donation to:

The Long Beach Junior Chamber of Commerce Charitable Foundation
One World Trade Center
PO Box 32252
Long Beach, CA 90832-2252

Or find more information about how to Adopt a Teacher on the web at www.lbjcfoundation.org.

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