Storm-specific services; Mayor Foster asks residents to help

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Vincente Medrano and Andy Jones helped residents carry sand bags to their car at Fire Station 5 during a brief lull in the storm.

Vincente Medrano and Andy Jones helped residents carry sand bags to their car at Fire Station 5 during a brief lull in the storm.

The severe rainstorms and strong winds predicted in the forecast have already started. Long Beach city staff has taken many preemptive measures to ease the inevitable disturbances this next storm will cause.

Public works crews spent most of the day clearing out drains and pumps that had become clogged Tuesday, paying special attention to areas that experienced flooding.

Still, everyone is urged to take precautions and protect themselves to get through the storms safely and with a minimum of damage. There are many things that residents can do to assist the city’s flood control efforts, including keeping trashcans on the curb and out of the gutter where they impede the flow of storm water.

“The weather forecasts predicts that Long Beach will be hit today with the next round of severe rainstorms and sustained winds starting in the early afternoon,” said Mayor Foster.  “Please remain inside if you don’t have any reason to be out.  If you must be driving, please pay attention and exercise extreme caution as the high winds and rain will cause difficult road conditions.”

By taking personal precautions, residents will not only protect their own safety, but hopefully avoid the need for Long Beach emergency responders to put their lives on the line as well. Stay safe, but do not hesitate to call 9-1-1 in an emergency!

Long Beach has implemented a number of storm-specific services for residents and businesses. The City of Long Beach will:

  • Safely tow for free any vehicle abandoned or trapped in a flooded street to the nearest safe location.
  • NOT issue street sweeping citations Thursday.
  • Provide large trash bins at severely impacted areas to assist residents and businesses with clean-up efforts.
  • Provide up to 10 free bags and sand at five Fire Stations.
  • Identify flooded locations, prioritize the most pressing areas, barricade intersections to divert traffic, and clear away any debris.

The city also issued these reminders and requests to help residents and business get through the storm safely.

Report any life-threatening emergency to 9-1-1.

Anything that blocks the storm drains can be problematic including trashcans and cars. Keep trashcans up on the curb and out of the gutter, so they don’t block the flow of water into the catch basins. Water in the gutter can lift and flip light trashcans, and then the trash will block the catch basin, compounding the problem. Refuse service will maintain the normal schedule.

Report flooding, blocked storm drains, fallen trees or limbs, etc. by calling 562.570.2726.

Never drive through a flooded street. If you don’t need to drive, stay at home. If you must be on the road, allow yourself plenty of time to get where you are going. Avoid large puddles and do not attempt to cross running water. If you come across a flooded intersection or street, turn around or find an alternate route.

Report any downed lines to Southern California Edison immediately by calling 1-800-611-1911.  Fallen power lines are extremely dangerous. Do not touch a downed line or anyone in contact with the line.  Always assume a downed line is live.  For more information, visit

Prepare for the next storm front. There is more information, safety tips and emergency numbers online here or visit Readers can also check out’s Storm Watch for up-to-date information as the storms progress.

Stay out of the LA and San Gabriel Rivers and Flood Control Channels due to possible high waters.

After the Storm: Beach-goers are advised to avoid local waters for at least 72 hours after the end of rainfall due to the high bacteria and pollution levels from urban runoff.

Long Beach Street Closures & Flooded Intersections

As of 6 p.m. Wednesday, multiple streets and intersections were flooded and/or closed. This information is taken from a report sent to City Council members by City Manager Pat West and shared with EverythingLongBeach by Council member Gerrie Schipske.

Closures include:

  • Spring St. Tunnel between Kilroy and Lakewood (5th District)
  • Terminal Island Freeway at Willow (7th District)
  • WB Willow on ramp to Terminal Island Freeway at Willow (7th District)
  • San Diego (405) Freeway at Santa Fe (7th /8th Districts)
  • Temple Bridge over the 405 Freeway
  • Redondo between Anaheim and 11th (4th District)
  • Junipero between 14th  and 17th
  • Southbound 405 exit at Lakewood closed by CHP
  • The entrance to Long Beach Airport was closed, but quickly reopened when the flooding subsided

Flooded intersections include:

  • Atherton and Park (4th  District)
  • Long Beach Blvd. and Willow (6th  District)
  • Arlington Ave. — water up to hubcaps
  • 1900 block of Atlantic — Street flooded up to front of store
  • University Park Estates — back of 6th  Street
  • Ocean Blvd. and 7th  Place — mud flow
  • Spring St. west of Studebaker
  • 3600 block of Ocean Blvd.
  • Pasadena and 23 rd  — manhole covers popping up
  • 600 block of East PCH — manhole covers popping up (1st /6th  Districts)
  • 7th and Pacific

Trees down:

  • Pacific Coast Highway
  • Palos Verde and Willow

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