Long Beach Memorial Set to Help Women Understand and Manage Heart Disease Risk

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long-beach-memorial Womens heart healthHeart disease is the No. 1 killer of women over the age of 25, in the United States, regardless of race or ethnicity. The disease affects about 8 million women in all and Long Beach Memorial doesn’t take that statistic lightly. With the development of the Center for Women’s Cardiac Health and Research, Long Beach Memorial offers cardiovascular screenings and individualized care plans specific to women.

The Center for Women’s Cardiac Health and Research, sponsored by the MemorialCare Heart and Vascular Institute at Long Beach Memorial believes the best way to beat this disease is with prevention and research. When it comes to the heart, research indicates that women must be approached differently than men. The specialized care team at the Center for Women’s Cardiac Health and Research screens more than 500 women annually. The team’s goal is to help women and their primary care physicians understand and manage heart disease risk for women. Women see specialized nurse practitioners who understand the unique differences of heart disease between men and women.

“Most women know their hearts are different than men’s, but it is important to treat your heart that way,” says Cindy Peters, RN, MSN, ACNP, Center for Women’s Cardiac Heath and Research. “At our center we offer services dedicated to women’s heart health.”

To keep women aware of how devastating heart attack, stroke and other cardiovascular diseases are to women, the Center for Women’s Cardiac Health and Research works closely with Long Beach Memorial’s Stroke Program. The physicians and care teams of each program work closely together to coordinate care for patients. In celebration of National Heart Awareness Month and to bring more awareness to the community, Long Beach Memorial’s Stroke Program and Center for Women’s Cardiac Health and Research are hosting the Women’s Heart and Stroke seminar on Saturday, Feb. 19 beginning at 7:30 a.m. Attendees will learn how to manage risk factors, such as high cholesterol, glucose (sugar levels), high-blood pressure, obesity, smoking and life-style, and participate in non-fasting screenings. Blood pressure, carotid artery ultrasound, cholesterol and blood glucose (non-fasting) screenings will be available. Heart disease and stroke specialists will share the latest information about recognition and treatment of heart disease and stroke specific to women.

Designed just for women, the center offers comprehensive heart evaluations, focusing on early detection and prevention to improve a woman’s life-long health and well-being. A cardiovascular risk screening designed for women, a vascular screening for peripheral arterial disease (PAD) and a fibrillation screening are available at the center. Long Beach Memorial urges women to embrace their heart and schedule annual cardiac screenings.

“The best thing that women can do for their heart is to be aware of it,” says Peters. “When women take the time to make a screening appointment, they are on the right track to taking care of their overall health and heart.”

About the Center for Women’s Cardiac Health and Research
The Center for Women’s Cardiac Health and Research, sponsored by the MemorialCare Heart and Vascular Institute at Long Beach Memorial is dedicated to helping women identify heart disease and stroke risk factors, and researching how heart disease affects men and women differently. The Center provides screenings and individualized plans for women to help manage and reduce risks for heart disease and stroke.

About Long Beach Memorial
Long Beach Memorial is the region’s first choice for comprehensive care in virtually every medical and surgical specialty and has been recognized as one of the nation’s premiere medical centers. In addition to the MemorialCare Heart and Vascular Institute, Long Beach Memorial has leading centers for cancer, rehabilitation, orthopedics, neurosciences, trauma, emergency services and wound healing.

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