Long Beach Mounted Police saddle up for the Rose Parade

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The Long Beach Mounted Police in 2004.

Horses have always played a major role in the Rose Parade. For more than 120 years, riders have thrilled the crowds with their colorful pageantry at the annual Tournament of Roses Parade. For many viewers, the most vivid memory is of the spectacular equestrian unit from Long Beach. In fact, since 1947, the Long Beach Mounted Police have even been honored to lead the parade on numerous occasions.

Once again this year, the golden palomino horses, sterling silver saddles and American flags that are trademarks of the Long Beach Mounted Police will be seen parading the thoroughfare in Pasadena. Spectators will delight at the beauty of the white-maned horses in their hand-crafted saddles. And the riders, each colorfully dressed in a western-style outfit complete with a ten-gallon hat and an old fashioned six shooter, are just as impressive.

The Long Beach riders will be one of 24 equestrian groups participating in the 2010 parade.

More than 100 members strong, the Long Beach Mounted Police appear in about 16 parades and events each year and are always in great demand across the country. The Long Beach Mounted Police have appeared in hundreds of cities throughout the United States, including the states of Hawaii, New Mexico, Arizona, Wyoming, Oregon and two presidential inaugurations in Washington D.C.

The members are all volunteers with the police department and serve as good will ambassadors throughout the world.  Many of the members have also ridden in local and regional parades such as the Martin Luther King Jr. Day Parade, Veteran’s Day Parade and Daisy Lane Parade in Long Beach.

The Long Beach Mounted Police exemplify one of California’s last links to the rich tradition of the state’s pioneering days. For more information visit their website at www.longbeachmountedpolice.com.

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