Long Beach NAACP’s 10th Annual Law Day Introduces Youth to Law as a Career

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Long Beach NAACP 10th Annual Law Day Introduces Youth to a Law CareerThe NAACP, Long Beach Branch is pleased to announce their 10th Annual Law Day in conjunction with the law office of Keesal, Young & Logan Wednesday, May 11, 2011, from 6:00pm to 8:00pm at 400 Oceangate, Long Beach, California 90802.

Lawyers have always been an instrument of social change since the founding of our great country. When one looks into the halls of Congress, one will find many lawyers. Businesses cannot organize or function without legal contracts formulated by lawyers. Finally, the nine men and woman Justices who sit on the United States Supreme Court protect our rights as Americans. All of them were practicing attorneys.

Long Beach Branch NAACP 10th Annual Law Day Program introduces minority students from elementary through college to law as a career. Over 100 students of color, elementary through college and NAACP Career Awareness are attending. The purpose of the Long Beach Branch NAACP Law day program is to introduce minority students to law as a career. The program includes visitation to the law offices of Keesal, Young & Logan, mentoring by lawyers, panel discussions and roundtable with the following judges and lawyers: Retired Judge Marcus Tucker, Los Angeles Superior Court, Judge Deborah Sanchez, Los Angeles Superior Court, Judge John C. Lawson, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge, Judge Kelvin Filer, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge, Compton Courthouse, Judge Dan Lowenthal, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge, Robin D. Perry, Esq., Law Offices of Robin D. Perry, Michele Dobson Wilson, Esq., Law Offices of Michele A. Wilson, Jennifer Meeker, Esq., Law Firm of Keesal, Young & Logan, Evelyn Kristensen, Esq., Law Firm of Keesal, Young & Logan, Doug Haubert, Esq., City of Long Beach Prosecutor, Mario Cordero, Esq., Harbor Commissioner, Montgomery Cole, Esq., Madden, Jones, Cole and Johnson, Thomas Malizia, J.D., Director of Judicial Affairs, CSULB, Todd Hicks, Esq., District Attorney, Major Crimes Division, Jack Fuller, Esq., Law Office of Jack Fuller, Matthew Kinley, Esq., Tredway, Lumsdaine & Doyle, LLP

Lawyers influence our economic, political and social systems for the betterment of all. When one feels that his or her rights have been ignored, one consults a lawyer. When laws are written, attorneys are consulted to ensure that they are fair and precise. When someone is hurt by a person, company or faulty product, a lawyer will go to court to protect the rights of that individual. To become an attorney is to become a social engineer. Being a lawyer is a great and noble profession.

Since its founding, in 1909, the NAACP has forged dramatic social and political changes in the lives of countless Americans. During this struggle, the NAACP has made good on a promise made over 240 years ago that all men and women are created equal. To ensure that every American has a right to pursue his or her own vision of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, famed NAACP lawyers such as Thurgood Marshall and Charles Houston stepped forward to challenge conventional thought and to make democracy a reality for all. Thurgood Marshall later became the first African American man to sit on the Supreme Court and served for over 20 years. The Long Beach Branch NAACP hopes this program will motivate students of color to follow the footsteps of famed NAACP lawyers and other unsung legal heroes that use their skill in law to promote equality and justice. The Long Beach Branch thanks the law Firm of Keesal, Young & Logan for their support of this program.

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