The water is the stage for LBO production of Orpheus & Euridice

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In the Long Beach Opera (LBO) tradition of transforming everyday places into venues for art, Met star Elizabeth Futral and Grammy-nominated clarinetist Todd Palmer will not just be performing Orpheus & Euridice by Ricky Ian Gordon at the Belmont Plaza Olympic Pool Complex, but rather they will be in the pool itself, adrift in a rowboat as the water below them becomes that of the River Styx.

The LBO invites you to join poolside, June 11-13, to experience the haunting ancient myth of eternal love.

Clarinetist Todd Palmer on Orpheus & Euridice

It took many years for this Orpheus to see it’s first production. No soprano would take on a 70-minute work unfamiliar to them. Had a white elephant been born? Initially, Ricky and I tried on several occasions to have it performed, and with this, the seed had been planted — unknowingly. After a gestation period of almost ten years, like the gods of the underworld, the gods of Lincoln Center discovered it and decreed that it should be staged properly.  And so four years ago at the Rose Theater in New York City this piece, originally conceived as a song for clarinet and soprano, saw itself to fruition in a fully-staged work complete with sets, costumes, and choreography for all involved!

I could have never imagined that many years ago the little piece I set out to commission for the clarinet would become the greatest challenge of my performing career. A song would become a song cycle, 10 minutes would become an evening, and a stage would evolve into an Olympic swimming pool!  Who knows what this production of Orpheus & Euridice will bring, but it’s a good thing I can swim…
I must thank Andreas Mitisek for having the vision to see this work in a new, and fantastic rendition — one which no one has ever seen the likes of before, and most certain to be a splash!  (pun intended)
Please join us, and don’t forget to bring a towel,
Todd Palmer

Performances for Orpheus & Euridice are Fri. June 11 at 9pm, Sat. June 12 at 9pm is SOLD OUT, and Sun. June 13 at 9pm. The Belmont Plaza Olympic Pool is located at 4000 Olympic Plaza, Long Beach, CA

For additional information or to order tickets visit the Long Beach Opera website,  or call us Mon-Fri 10am-6pm: 562.432.5934

Long Beach Opera
Long Beach Opera is nationally & internationally known for its bold and unconventional repertory. As the oldest opera company in the Los Angeles region, LBO has a long tradition of creating some of the most innovative art that opera has to offer.

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