Long Beach Parks, Recreation & Marine Offers a Variety of Health and Fitness Activities

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Stick to your wellness and fitness goals in 2015. Long Beach Parks, Recreation and Marine has dozens of options for exercise, dance, swimming, team sports programs. Visit www.lbparks.org to register for these great classes starting in February. Ask about walk in fees.

Fitness Classes
Aerobics Lite
Music has a slow tempo and easy-to-follow aerobic moves. Bring a mat, light hand weights, and water. Recreation Park. Instructor: Wiltse. 11316 18Yrs+ 2/2-2/27 8:30 AM-9:30 AM M W F $35

B.L.A.S.T. Kickboxing Workout
Short exercise intervals increase endurance and burn fat. Bring jump rope and mat. Whaley Park. Instructor: Santy. 11279 18Yrs+ 2/5-2/26 6 PM-7 PM Th $44

B.L.A.S.T. (Become Lean, Agile, Strong, Toned) Total Body Workout
boosts metabolism and blasts inches. Bring dumbbells, resistance tube, mat. El Dorado Park West. Instructor: Santy. 11283 18Yrs+ 2/3-2/24 6 PM-7 PM Tu $44

CSI – Cardio Sculpt Low-Impact Aerobics
Build endurance, core strength and balance with mat pilates, weights and bands. All levels. Bring mat, water and weights. El Dorado Park West. Instructor: Bodnar. 11093 18Yrs+ 2/2-2/25 5:30 PM-6:30 PM M W $24

Aerobics, dancing, kickboxing and stretching will tone arms, and strengthen core. Bring mat, lightweights and water. Recreation Park. Instructor: Wiltse. 11319 18Yrs+ 2/3-2/26 8 AM-9 AM Tu Th $30

Fusion Pilates
Conditioning mixes pilates, yoga and stretching for core stability, natural alignment and relieving tension to revitalize you! Bring a mat and water. Recreation Park. Instructor: Grauten. 11253 18Yrs+ 2/4-2/27 9:45 AM-10:45 AM W F $56

Golf Conditioning and Stretching
Helps you gain stability in your spine, flexibility in hips and shoulders, and synchronize your rhythm to improve your game. Recreation Park. Instructor: Evelyn Grauten. 11327 18Yrs+ 2/13-2/27 11:30 AM-12:30 PM F $35

Kundalini Yoga & Meditation
Gain a strong immune and nervous system, vital glands and good circulation. El Dorado Nature Center. Instructor: Yoga, Seventh Chakra. 11217 18Yrs+ 2/1-2/22 11 AM-12:30 PM Su $65

Lean Body Fit Camp
combines cardio, core and strength training, a food journal and body diagnostics to help you get the body you deserve. All levels. Bring mat and water. Pan American Park. Instructor: Cooper. 11123 16Yrs+ 2/2-2/27 7:10 PM-7:55 PM M W F $150

intergrates movements to build strength, endurance and flexibility for beginners to advanced. Bixby Park. Instructor: Markley. 11514 16Yrs+ 2/9-3/2 6:30 PM-7:30 PM M $44 11517 16Yrs+ 2/11-3/4 6-7 PM W $44 11520 16Yrs+ 2/7-2/28 9:30-10:30 AM Sa $44

Pilates on the Ball
For advanced students takes strength, stamina and flexibility to new levels. Bring inflated balance ball, mat and strap. Bixby Park. Instructor: Markley. 11513 16Yrs+ 2/9-3/2 7:35 PM-8:35 PM M $44

Power Barre will tone your body, and improve balance and flexibility.
U.S. Taekwondo Academy 12233 Centralia, Lakewood. Instructor: Markopulos. 11508 13Yrs+ 2/6-2/26 7 PM-7:45 PM M Th $55

Power Tae Aerobics
combines Taekwondo, aerobics, boxing and cardio-weight movements done to up beat music. U.S. Taekwondo Academy 12233 Centralia, Lakewood. Instructor: Markopulos. 12271 13Yrs+ 2/2-2/26 7 – 7:45 PM M/Tu $55

Yoga Blend (NEW)
blends ansana, breathing, meditation, and vinyasa for a well-balanced, fun class! Bring mat, strap and blocks. Whaley Park. Instructor: Arnette. 11556 18Yrs+ 2/3-2/24 6 PM-7:30 PM Tu $44

Do aerobic intervals and resistance training to up-tempo music to maximize fat burning and body toning. Wardlow Park. Instructor: Zachau. 11349 14Yrs+ 2/4-2/25 6 PM-7 PM W $35

Zumba® in Spanish
Divieitete y mantente salvdable. Despidete del estres y disfruta a lo maximo mientras tonificas tu cuerpo. Veterans Park. Instructor: Valdivia. 11614 16Yrs+ 2/3-2/26 6 PM-7 PM Tu Th $2 11685 16Yrs+ 2/3-2/26 6 PM-7 PM Tu Th $2

Zumba® Toning
combines a non-stop cardio party with lightweights to feel the difference after one class. Recreation Park. Instructor: Zachau. 11325 14Yrs+ 2/7-2/28 9:30 AM-10:30 AM Sa $35

Zumba® Valentine Burn
Burn off calories and stress and have fun. Raffle ticket and refreshments included. $20. El Dorado Park West. Instructor: sherri Zachau. 11071 14Yrs.+ 2/15 11 AM-1PM Su $35

Dancing Classes Starting in February
Step and Swing
Learn the latest country dance patterns and how to swing. No partner or experience needed. Weingart Senior Center 5220 Oliva Ave., Lakewood. Instructor: Karter. 11853 18Yrs+ 2/18-3/25 7 PM-8 PM W $32

Belly Dance- Beginning
Learn step combinations, muscle isolations, strengthening exercises and working with a veil. Wear workout clothing or dancewear with soft shoes or socks. Fairfeild YMCA 4949 Atlantic Ave., Long Beach. Instructor: Taji. 11354 16Yrs+ 2/17-3/17 7 PM-8 PM Tu $39

Belly Dance- Intermediate
Learn complex moves, rhythms and finger cymbals with choreography and improvisation. Stage presence and performance emphasized. Wear workout clothing and soft shoes or socks. Fairfield YMCA 4949 Atlantic Ave., Long Beach. Instructor: Taji. 11356 16Yrs+ 2/17-3/17 8 PM-9 PM Tu $39

Line Dancing
No partner or experience necessary. Weingart Senior Center 5220 Oliva Ave., Lakewood. Instructor: Karter. 11605 18Yrs+ 2/18-3/25 6 PM-7 PM W $32

Sports Classes Starting in February
Danzan Ryu Jujitsu
for self-defense involves physical and mental training by studying throwing, joint locking, grappling and striking. Veterans Park. Instructor: Sosnowski. 11301 14Yrs+ 2/3-2/26 7:30 PM-9:30 PM Tu Th $40

Learn foil fencing basics (stance, attacks and defenses) and improve coordination, balance and mental agility. Wear loose clothing and tennis shoes. Cash material fee: $10. Whaley Park. Instructor: Orange Coast Fencing Academy. 11178 10Yrs+ 2/3-2/24 7:35 PM-9:35 PM Tu $50

Horse Fun
Learn basic safety, riding, grooming and leading, and prepare for individual lessons. Bring closed toed shoes, long pants and helmet. Material Fee: $20. Rancho del Rio Stables 1370 Sanderson Ave., Anaheim. Instructor: Fun With Horses. 11189 13Yrs+ 2/7-2/28 3 -4 PM Sa $70

Indoor Volleyball
Improve technique and increase your game knowledge of the game through drills and scrimmages. Pan American Park. Instructor: Martin. 11268 18Yrs+ 2/8-2/22 6:30 PM-8:30 PM Su $45

Learn throws, locks and holds to control a larger opponent. One on one instruction for beginners and advanced students. New students start first Monday or Wednesday of month. Stearns Champions Park. Instructor: Kelton. 11334 13Yrs+ 2/2-2/27 6:30 PM-7:30 PM M W F $45

Okinawan Shorin Ryu Karate
Learn punches, strikes and kicks to defend against an attack. Stearns Champions Park. Instructor: James Kelton. 11340 13Yrs+ 2/2-2/27 7:30 PM-8:30 PM M W F $45

Mixed Martial Arts
Get fit and develop new skills. El Dorado Park West. Instructor: Rice. 11550 18Yrs+ 2/2-2/27 7-8 PM Th F $50

Never Too Late To Skate
Fee includes skate rental, half-hour of instruction and free practice on Wed 7-7:30pm or Sat 10:45 a.m.-11:15 a.m. The Rinks Lakewood Ice 3975 Pixie, Lakewood. 11459 15Yrs+ 2/4-2/25 6:30 PM-7 PM W $41 11460 15Yrs+ 2/7-2/28 10:15-10:45 AM Sa $41

Shotokan Karate
Develop self defense skills, self control and self discipline, improve concentration, coordination and focus. Bixby Park. Instructor: Antonio Silva. 11362 18Yrs+ 2/6-2/28 7 PM-8 PM F Sa $40

Lap and recreational swimming, water exercise and swimming lessons are offered at Belmont Pool, 4000 Olympic Plaza; King Park Pool, 1910 Lemon Avenue; and Silverado Park Pool, 1540 West 32nd Street. Visit www.longbeach.gov/park/recreation/aquatics/pools

Adult Sports Leagues Adult baseball, kickball, roller hockey, softball, volleyball and basketball leagues are offered year-round for all experience levels. Visit teamsideline.com/longbeach or call 562.570.1725 for more information.

For more information about Long Beach Parks, Recreation and Marine programs, visit www.lbparks.org, or call (562) 570-3100. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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