Long Beach Playhouse Announces Open Auditions For New Works Workshop Production & Bengal Tiger

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New Works, Collaborative Season

Children of Camelot

Author: Nakisa Aschtiani
Director: Kate Woodruff
Run: Apr. 17 to April 18, 2015 Friday and Saturday at 8pm

Audition Dates: Open Call
Dates: Thursday, March 5th
Times: 7:00 – 9:00 pm
Location: Long Beach Playhouse

Date and Time: Monday-Wednesday 7:00 – 10:00 pm
Thursdays 4:00-7:00 pm
Sundays 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Location: Long Beach Playhouse

Audition Requirements:
Bring headshot and resume.

November 22, 1963: President John F. Kennedy is murdered. Two days later, his alleged assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, is also murdered. What if one of these men survived? How would the lives of those around them be affected? Children of Camelot is a character-driven piece that takes an historical event and turns it on its head, questions fairness, and strives to show us how people handle pain under extraordinary circumstances.
Casting the following roles:

Lee Harvey Oswald: Male (Caucasian) early 20s. A working class young man, lost and overwhelmed, his idealism has been beaten out of him.

Mark Lane: Male (Caucasian) 40s. A lawyer in the middle of his career, eager to do what’s right.

Nichole Andrews: Female (any race/ethnicity) 30s-40s. A woman in a man’s world – sharp, strong, focused.

Marina Prusakova Oswald: Female (Caucasian) early 20s. Russian, wide eye-ed, out of her depth.

Jackie Kennedy: Female (Caucasian) early 30s. Former First Lady. Before she became Jackie O, she was a young mother who struggled to come to terms with the private realities of her rocky marriage to JFK in light of his very violent and very public murder.

Calvin: Male (any race/ethnicity) 20s-40s. Jackie’s bodyguard.

Considerations: Looking for actors interested in being a part of a world premiere workshop production in which the playwright, director, and cast collaborate to move the play one step closer to publication.

Studio Season

Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo
Mar. 9 & 10, 2015

Written by Rajiv Joseph

Director: Robert Craig

Run: Mar. 9 – Mar. 11, 2015 Mon. & Tues. 7pm – 9pm, Callbacks Wed. 7pm by invitation only

Author: Rajiv Joseph
Director: Robert Craig

Run: May 2 – May 30, 2015
Fridays & Saturdays 8pm, Sundays at 2pm. Thursday & Sunday night shows available for private parties and special events.

Audition Dates: Open Call
Dates: March 9th and 10th, 2015
Times: 7:00 – 9:00 pm
Location: Long Beach Playhouse

Date and Time: March 11, 2015, 7:00 – 9:00 pm by invitation only

Date and Time: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays 7:00 – 10:00 pm
Saturdays 10:00 am – 1:00 pm
Location: Long Beach Playhouse

Audition Requirements:
Bring headshot and resume.

Within war-torn Baghdad, lives a tiger – a wild, captive beast within a man-made cage.  Through the power of theatrical imagination, we are allowed a peek inside the mind of this quick-witted and well-spoken “animal,” as the lives of two American Marines and an Iraqi translator are forever changed by the mayhem surrounding them in the midst of war. Violence, anger, greed, forgiveness, and redemption are examined in funny, touching, and insightful exchanges between man and beast; the living and the dead. Rajiv Joseph’s groundbreaking new American play explores both the power and the perils of human nature, the search for freedom, and the existence of the after-life.

Casting the following roles:

TIGER: Male, (any race/ethnicity, except Middle Eastern) 40s-50s. Tiger is scrappy, ragged, tired but still frightening and dangerous. His better years are long gone. Underneath the ruff exterior, there is a deep sadness and a satirical wit and humor.  Actor will be required to let their beard grow for this role.

KEV: Male American (any race/ethnicity), 20s. A soldier. Juvenile and naïve, somewhat psychologically fragile, Kev goes on a haunted journey of enlightenment.

TOM: Male American (any race/ethnicity), 20s. A soldier. Older and wiser than Kev. Business-minded and opportunist. Bitter.

MUSA: Male Iraqi, 20s-40s. Former Iraqi gardener, turned war translator. Innately humble, honest, with a kind spirit. His anger and thirst for justice over the horrors that have befallen his family threaten to shatter his seemingly unbreakable patience and tolerance.

UDAY HUSSEIN/IRAQI MAN: Male Iraqi, 30s. Son of Saddam, Cocky & heartless he is now a vengeful, terrifying ghost. The same actor plays an Iraqi Man, whose home is invaded by American soldiers.

WOMAN: Iraqi, 20s-50s. A frightened woman whose home is invaded by American soldiers. The same actress plays a leper from a leper colony south of Baghdad.

HADIA/GIRL: Female Iraqi. 20s. Hadia is Musa’s innocent younger sister, now dead, haunting her brother. The same actress plays a girl who is a young prostitute.

Considerations: Iraqi dialects will be used, and there is a good deal of Arabic spoken in the play with the female roles. We will have a dialect & language consultant for this production. Non-Arabic speaking actors are encouraged to try out!

For additional information on auditions visit the Long Beach Playhouse website.

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