Long Beach Playhouse to Showcase Jeremy Aluma’s Award Winning ‘Four Clowns’

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four-clowns-playhouse Alive theatreAn exceptional cast will open a limited engagement of Four Clowns conceived and directed by Jeremy Aluma at the Long Beach Playhouse Studio Theater. Four Clowns marks the inaugural collaboration between the 81 year old company, Long Beach Playhouse and the 4 year old company Alive Theatre.

Four Clowns is a physical, musical and emotional journey into what it means to be human. Follow four clowns who represent the four clown archetypes; the sad clown, the mischievous clown, the angry clown and the nervous clown as they lament and reminisce about their past. As the old adage goes, ‘laughter is the best medicine’ but laughter comes most earnestly when reflecting on past sorrows. As the clowns tell their tales of woe and elation from childhood to adulthood we discover that they are all the same, and so are we. The show contains graphic violence, strong sexual situations and other wanton behavior.

The cast features Alexis Jones as Sad Clown, Kevin Klein as Mischievous Clown, Raymond Lee as Angry Clown and Amir Levi as Nervous Clown with pianist Mario Granville.

Four Clowns begins a limited engagement on March 4, 2011 and runs through March 19, 2011. Performances will be held Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm. Performances will be held at Long Beach Playhouse Studio Theater, 5021 E. Anaheim Street Long Beach, CA 90804

Tickets are $10 and can be purchased online at www.AliveTheatre.org or by calling 562.508.1788.

“Aluma may be saying that human pain is at once particular and universal; what’s certain is his cast is gifted…” GO! – Amy Nicholson, LA Weekly & Backstage

“The playful, troublemaking 4 Clowns offer a night out you won’t soon forget. The 4 Clowns are thrillingly unique, and you could possibly leave asking, ‘Did that really just happen?” – Stephanie Forshee, Campus Circle

“WARNING: Do not hire these clown for your 5-year-old’s birthday party. But definitely go see 4 Clowns (sans the little ones, of course). The archetypal clowns (Nervous, Mischievous, Angry and Sad) go through the stages of life: childhood, adolescence, adulthood and death. Not necessarily a morality play, it does leave the message that even though life is horrible- I mean really f***ing horrible – at least we can laugh our way through the pain. Each clown is an honest, albeit exaggerated, version of humanity, expertly crafted and directed by Jeremy Aluma and his quartet of brilliant clowns. A mixture of classic clowning techniques with singing and improvisation- this is definitely a must see. You’ll be sure to cry…from laughter.” – Ashley Steed, LA Theatre Review

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