Long Beach Playhouse Partners to Curate Portion of A LOT North

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The Long Beach Playhouse will curate a portion of the A LOT North Lot, Oct. 19. A LOT is a city-wide initiative presented by the ACLB in collaboration with the City of Long Beach. Each FREE A LOT event presents a variety of genres of performance in vacant lots, activating the spaces with art, culture, and even food for the community to enjoy! So bring your friends and family and check out any or all of the four dates in September and October for a full day of fun! 

Last year the Playhouse presented an original shadow puppet piece based on several Mexican folk songs dealing with the subject matter of the Day of the Dead entitled, “Sombras de los Muertes” This year the Playhouse was chosen to participate as a curatorial partner, booking other acts and creating a curated slot in the program. This year’s offering will also include shadow puppetry.

“I am extremely excited to do A LOT again this year,” said executive and producing artistic director Andrew Vonderschmitt, “not only is the entire concept invigorating and inspiring, it is just what we need in a city full of expressive individuals. And this year we get to offer even more, thanks to the support of the Arts Council.”

For their curated slot, Sunday, October 19 around sunset, Vonderschmitt has gathered three different offerings that will prove to be diverse, entertaining and maybe even a little edifying.

Genesis the Balm is a Gospel, Jazz, Classical group with many members from OC to Long Beach with Kay O’Kelly directing.

“Genesis-“The Balm” was formed in 2010. The group features some of the best local talent with superior training and experience.  Their repertoire is diverse including Jazz, Gospel, and Classical music. Performed by musicians who have traveled the world, Genesis- “The Balm” celebrates a new group of singing friends immersed in music.  There are 18 members of Genesis, 3 of its vocalists, Kathy Cunningham, Pam Johnson, Lettrice Lawrence; and the accompanist, Mike Walker will be featured.”

Evolution of Dance is a piece that explores the beginnings of dance in a fun presentation. This offering, directed by Halley Wright will also include audience participation.

“From the early ages of time, the human race has used dance as a method of expression for many different reasons. Join us in traveling through history from the first, known record made by prehistoric Egyptians, all the way to the modern dance move called “twerking”.  Come and explore the “Evolution of Dance”!”

And finally is the offering from the Playhouse. This year’s shadow puppet show, “The Lost and Found Adventures of Tintaby” features a small critter who goes on an adventure to find his Light.

“Tintaby is, at it’s heart, a fun little adventure. It includes helpful trees, gruesome Cyclops’ and at least one wacky character. It is, as the opening line states, in no way trying to teach you a thing. It is simply a story.” A story we are sure will be not only entertaining but visually stimulating.

Sunday, Oct. 19
This event is curated by the Arts Council for Long Beach and features four performing and visual arts groups.  In addition to the art, Taste of North Town will be hosted on the lot. Taste of North Town features local North Long Beach restaurants in an event format similar to Taste of Downtown or Stroll and Savor.

  • Jazz Angels will bring jazz to North Long Beach by featuring their troupe, local gospel groups, and other artists
  • Long Beach Playhouse will create and curate three 20 minute performances including a shadow puppet piece
  • Bike Odyssey is a traveling theatre performance on bikes- and for those looking for tips on how to navigate bikes on the street while following the performance the Bike Rodeo, a Safe Moves program, will be there an hour before for tutorials!
  • Angela Willcocks will create short animations of barber shops in North Long Beach

We hope you can join us for lots of art and A LOT!



Long Beach Playhouse is located at 5021 E. Anaheim St., Long Beach, CA, 90804, right across from the Long Beach Recreation golf course. The Playhouse is community-supported theatre with programs and events that cut across age, gender, ethnic, and cultural boundaries.

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