Long Beach Police Department Celebrates Graduation of Academy Class #88

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The Long Beach Police Department is pleased to announce the graduation of Academy Class #88. The graduation ceremony was held today, November 5, 2015, at the Long Beach Performing Arts, Terrace Theater.

Thirty-three Long Beach Police Department and two Gardena Police Department recruits successfully completed 27 ½ weeks of intense academic, physical and practical training in the areas such as: Patrol Procedures and Law Enforcement Tactics, Firearms Training, Weaponless Defense, Criminal Law, Vehicle Operations, Community Oriented Public Safety, and Cultural Diversity/Human Relations.

Class #88 is diverse group who bring to the department a wide range of talents from a variety of backgrounds. The demographics for the class (33 LBPD recruits only) are as follows:


Male: 23 (69.7%)

Female: 10 (30.3%)


White: 18 (54.5%)

Hispanic: 11 (33.3%)

Black: 2 (6.1%)

Other: 2 (6.1%)

Asian: 0


Male/White: 14 (42.4%)

Female/Hispanic: 6 (18.2%)

Male/Hispanic: 5 (15.2%)

Female/White: 4 (12.1%)

Male Black: 2 (6.1%)

Male/Other: 2 (6.1%)


HS: 16 (48.5%)

BA/BS: 10 (30.3%)

AA: 6 (18.2%)

MA: 1 (3%)

The graduating class included the following officers:

Officer Amanda Aknin                 Officer Tiffany Forster                   Officer Matthew Pech*

Officer Monica Augustine           Officer Ivan Garcia                          Officer Charles Pruiet

Officer Matthew Calub                Officer Genoveva Gonzales           Officer Ivone Sanchez

Officer Jose Castro                       Officer Craig Hazlewood                Officer Manuel Sandoval

Officer Benjamin Cobb                Officer Benjamin Hearst               Officer Troy Schaefer

Officer James Connell                 Officer Nathan Kane                       Officer Hunter Schneider

Officer Krizty Contreras              Officer Michael Leraas                   Officer Timothy Stover

Officer Marc Cooks                       Officer Melissa Martinez               Officer Juan Urrieta

Officer Kristina Cortes                 Officer Kevin Matter                       Officer Brian Weber

Officer Alma Davila                      Officer Kevin Moreno                     Officer Daniel Wollenberg

Officer Holden Deaton                 Officer Michelle Mounts                Officer Mayda Zelaya*

Officer Elieser Domingo              Officer Bradley Muhlenkamp

*Gardena Police Department

The Long Beach Police Department congratulates the graduates and wishes them continued success in their future careers as law enforcement officers.

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