Long Beach School of Yoga Offering Something For Everyone

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Long Beach has become a hot spot for yoga in the past few years with people practicing in parks and community centers, but for the newcomer, yoga may still seem intimidating and foreign.  Actually yoga can help everybody and is a great way to exercise safely and feel great in body and mind. That’s where the Long Beach School of Yoga comes in. Founded earlier this year by Ayurveda educator and certified yoga instructor Ram Bhakt Rezai, the school aims to make yoga accessible to all and reach into the Downtown/West Long Beach areas.

Classes are sensitive to the average person’s lifestyle and offer time for under-active, over-stimulated or stressed-out individuals to find space in their body and mind and intelligently exercise in a supportive group.  In April the full schedule includes yoga for seniors at 10 am T/Th, after-school classes for teens at 3:30 T/Th and after-work de-stress classes at 6-7:15 pm M/W.  Parents enjoy a yoga class on Wednesday mornings at 9 am while their kids take a 1 hour art class in the back.  All classes are by donation and personalized attention is possible on the carpeted floor which provides a safe and welcoming environment with no pressure or judgment.  Those who ask the question, “Why are all these people so into yoga and can it help me?” are the school’s target audience.

Working professionals, business people, mothers, fathers, seniors, teens or even those with health conditions who have heard that yoga can help are encouraged to come.  Classes are mostly gentle and therapeutic for those wishing to explore the health benefits of yoga including deep breathing and meditation.  “It’s not about getting your leg over your head,” Ram Bhakt says, dispelling the myth that yoga is only for a certain type of person. “Yoga is for everyone. Everyone can stretch, breathe deeper and relax, and that’s what it’s really all about- taking time to slow down and give the body and mind some attention.”

Ram Bhakt incorporates his years of study in India, Europe and America into his classes, offering a subtler and more healing and natural style for students of all shapes and ages.  These classes are wonderful for learning how to deal with stress or back pain and stiffness which he has worked with himself.  Again, “yoga is not only for young stretchy women.”  True to the caring, natural and healthy philosophy of yogic lifestyle, warm herbal tea is served afterward for those who wish to stay and chat.  Why yoga? Because it feels better to feel good.

The Long Beach School of Yoga is located at the Bungalow Building at 729 Pine Ave.

Visit the website and join the mailing list for more information about classes, upcoming events and articles about yoga. www.LongBeachSchoolofYoga.com.


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