Long Beach Skate presents “Los Garbage” Art Show, October 19

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On Saturday October 19, 2013 Long Beach Skate will host “Los Garbage,” art show. The show will feature the works of sixteen artists.

The artists featured in the “Los Garbage” show are all professional designers and artists within the skateboard and action sports industries. The art work displayed here will showcase their talents that they hone and perfect outside of the office. The “Los Garbage” group of designers & artists have worked with each other professionally and personally over the last 15 years. The art show on October 19th marks the first large collective art show that the group will do together.

The art is all inspired by skateboarding culture, which will be presented in a mixed media platform with art submissions in sculpture, photography, graphic design, paint, and more. As most of these artists do their art professional on a digital platform, this will showcase their talents in a wider scope.

Long Beach Skate shop is a large shop that will total renovate the space to accommodate all of the art from the group of sixteen artists. The shop will change the 112 deck board wall and retail sales floor into a perfect gallery space. The owner of Long Beach Skate, Tim Scanlan, knows that their is an innate connection between skateboard and art cultures, and it is the goal of Long Beach Skate to unify these worlds in a unique way.

DJ BETH B, will be spinning vinyl records showcasing her collection of rock and punk sounds. A few of the featured artists will be playing live music as the night goes on. Their “Peruvian Proto Punk” sound will be sure to turn some heads. All great gatherings need a solid soundtrack, and these two groups will set the mood properly.

The artists featured are: Gunther Estrada, Tom Tate. Lou Barberio, Fageless, Kevin Bonner, Froilan Ascano, Alex Wasbin, Andrew Sprigle, Matt Loomis, Rick Garcia, Jen Koottarappallil, Mike Jorgensen, Eric Fischer, Kortni Mcabe, Carlos Rivas-Plata, and Gustavo Neves.

Long Beach Skate shop is much more than a skateboard retail store. We pride ourselves in our active role in the community and being a cultural hot spot since we opened almost four years ago. We strive to create a positive environment where we can share with others about skateboarding, music, and art culture. Long Beach Skate’s strives to supply durable and lasting goods to individual skaters. We are not about mass-marketing, rather we are about excellence and timeless designs for the local core skater.

“Los Garbage” art show is Saturday October 19, 2013 from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm at Long Beach Skate 3142 E.7th St. Long Beach, CA 90804.

The art will be sold from $10 and up. We want to sell the art in a way that you can get an awesome art piece without having to break the bank.

For more information on Long Beach Skate you can check out the website at www.lbskate.com, or on our Facebook at www.facebook.com/lbskate,

You may contact Long Beach Skate by phone at 562-434-5527, by email at tim@lbskate.com or by mail:
Long Beach Skate CO., 3142 E.7th St. Long Beach, CA 90804

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