Long Beach Student to Represent CA in National Academic Competition for Blind Students

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braille-challenge National Academic CompetitionOn Saturday, June 26, 8-year-old Christine Anne R. Lacsina of Long Beach will represent the state of California in a national academic competition unlike any other. Christine, who is totally blind, hasn’t let her disability prevent her from succeeding. Christine, a finalist for the second time, has been chosen from among more than 700 of the top blind and visually impaired students to travel to Los Angeles to test her braille skills at the 10th Annual National Braille Challenge.

The National Braille Challenge, sponsored by Braille Institute of America, is the only national academic competition for blind students in the nation. It is specifically designed to challenge and motivate students, while encouraging them to continue their study of braille. Christine, a second-grader, started learning braille when she was five years old.  Christine enjoys reading and math. “Christine loves reading a lot,” said her mother, Grace. “Braille literacy is extremely important to her and it has helped her succeed.”

The avid reader is also a music lover. Christine enjoys playing the piano and the guitar. She is also a fan of rock and jazz music and when she’s not too shy, she will sing karaoke with her brother.

In this year’s National Braille Challenge, Christine Anne R. Lacsina, along with 60 other blind and visually impaired students, ages 6 to 19, will compete in categories that will require them to transcribe, type and read braille using a device called a Perkins Brailler. Each category is designed to test their braille skills in several areas – reading comprehension, braille spelling, chart and graph reading, proofreading and braille speed and accuracy. Every participant will receive a trophy for their efforts, but the first- through third-place winners in each age group will also receive a savings bond in value from $500 for the youngest group to $5,000 for the oldest.

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