Long Beach Transit Announces New Schedule and Route Changes to Begin Sunday

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Service Changes Effective February 12A number of service changes will take effect starting Sunday, February 12. These changes will benefit many Long Beach Transit customers including local high school and college students as well as those accessing the Blue Line during the late night.

Route 93 will now have additional trips during the week, increasing frequency on that line and for stops on 7th St. which are also serviced by routes 91, 92 and 94. Long Beach City College students at the LAC campus will now be able to access the 93 route approximately every 30 minutes from early morning to late-night.

Route 192 will have later service on weekdays. This will provide extended night southbound service from the Los Cerritos Center, and provide customers an extended opportunity to connect to the Del Amo Blue Line Station. Last 192 northbound stop at Del Amo Station is now 10:41 p.m. (previously 7:23 p.m.). Route 191 will continue to service the Del Amo Station until 1:00 a.m.

Route 96 ZAP will now have service to Woodruff at Spring during certain morning and afternoon runs. This will benefit some Millikan High School students providing faster service to and from school. There will be reduced trips on Friday to and from CSULB. Buses will now end at 7th St. at Long Beach Blvd. instead of the First Street Transit Gallery (1st St. between Long Beach Blvd. and Pine Ave.)

Route 111 will deviate to Carson at Clark on its 9:35 p.m. trip out of the Transit Gallery. This will benefit Long Beach City College students by providing later northbound service.

Route 171 will have increased service west of Cal State University, Long Beach from 25 to 20 minutes. Some trips will turnaround at CSULB, instead of continuing to the usual end of the line, to help alleviate congestion.

Routes 181 and 182 will now stop at Shelter H instead of Shelter E at the Transit Gallery. Plus there are other minor schedule adjustments.

Route 103 will now head north on Bellflower instead of Clark from Carson. Lakewood High School students should now exit and board at Bellflower at Centralia.

The following routes will have minor schedule or route changes: 1 / 21 / 22 / 51 / 61 / 63 / 71 / 72 / 172 / 173 / 174 / A / B / D.

Detailed information is available by calling 562-591-2301, by visiting www.lbtransit.com, or by obtaining a copy of the updated Transit Guide.


One Response to “Long Beach Transit Announces New Schedule and Route Changes to Begin Sunday”
  1. Dee Abrahamse says:

    My real transport wish is to get from Long Beach to LAX by bus, or some other means of mass transit, in reasonable time. I checked on this website, and it would take me three buses and 2 hours and 40 minutes to get there. Any other ideas other than parking my own car, getting a neighbor to drive me, or using the Supershuttle?