Final Management Plan for Downtown PBID Unanimously Approved by DLBA

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The Downtown Long Beach Associates’ (DLBA) Board of Directors, unanimously (13-0) approved the final management plan for Downtown’s proposed Property Based Improvement District (PBID) at a special meeting held this morning.

The PBID is a special benefit assessment district formed in 1998 and renewed in 2003 that conveys special benefits to each individually assessed parcel located within the district boundaries. Downtown property owners are seeking to continue the PBID for an additional ten year term before it expires in 2013. A renewed PBID will continue to provide funding for enhanced maintenance, public safety, beautification, marketing and economic development programs, above and beyond those provided by the City of Long Beach.

The Plan approved by the DLBA Board is contingent upon the Long Beach City Attorney’s review and approval. The action item contained a related measure, authorizing DLBA staff to continue the process and initiate the petition drive as required by California Streets and Highways Code.

The Final Plan is the culmination of an extensive public planning process that spanned the course of a year and engaged Downtown stakeholders to help develop, create and refine the Management Plan. During this time, over 1,000 voices played a role in articulating the community’s priorities and shaping the plan. The local community was engaged through a variety of public participation avenues, including meetings with the PBID Steering Committee, DLBA Board, Downtown Residential Council, homeowners and neighborhood associations, roundtables with stakeholders, residential open houses, an online survey, First and Second Council District community forums, and an online public comment tool which provided another opportunity for greater feedback on a page-by-page basis.

In advance of the DLBA Board’s vote, a number of those in attendance commented on the Plan.

“My family has worked Downtown since 1890, and now that I live in the Downtown again, I see what I’ve been hoping to see for a long time and that is residents starting to come here with that incremental income to create an economic base,” said Henry Walker, CEO of F&M Bank, who made the motion to approve the Plan.

“I think that it would be a tragedy for our City if this Plan is not approved,” said DLBA Board Member Janet Moore, property owner and principal of Distant Horizons. “The energy and the improvement that have been made in our Downtown come from this revenue and I have been staggered by the changes that have taken place in my little neighborhood – in the East Village – where my business is located.”

Jeff DuChateau, Senior Vice President of Bantry Holdings and Chair of the PBID Steering Committee said, “I’ve been in Downtown since 1995 and now as an investor at Shoreline Square, we like the direction the Downtown is going and appreciate all the work that has been done to make this process successful. I’m proud to say that, after all this time, energy and dedication, there’s nothing I would want to change about the Plan.”

“I represent a property, partially vacant but not abandoned property, in the North Pine area, which has its own sizable assessment,” said DLBA Board Member Michelle Molina of Millworks referring to the old Press Telegram building at the corner of 6th and Pine Ave. “But I think if you combine the other properties the family owns – one of which has been part of the area for years, it’s the place that gave their business a home – I can’t imagine what we would do without the PBID. Even with that investment in mind, it’s [the PBID] an investment that we’re willing to support.”

David Cannon, who lives on the Promenade and represents Downtown residents on the DLBA Board commented, “I think the Plan strikes a great balance for the needs of the residential and business communities. I believe it’s time to get the Plan out there, move forward and approve it. The remaining process still allows people who haven’t been engaged a chance to vote on the Plan, but I believe it’s the best Plan that we’ve put forward.”

The DLBA Board is comprised of individuals that represent Downtown property and business owners, residents and community partners – many of whom currently contribute to the PBID. The PBID Steering Committee includes a diverse representation of property ownership and management interests that consists of large and boutique commercial properties, owner occupied residential, governmental, and non-profit entities, which own parcels.

Before the end of the month, stakeholders will have the opportunity to sign a petition in support of the Plan. After garnering the legal requirement of 51% of the weighted vote through the petition process, all Downtown property owners within the PBID boundaries will receive a mail-in ballot from the City of Long Beach. As part of the ballot process, a mandatory public hearing will take place prior to Long Beach City Council ratifying or denying the vote.

The Final PBID Management Plan is available online at

To stay up-to-date on the remainder of the PBID process, please visit or call 562-436-4259.

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