Manazar Gamboa Community Theater at MacArthur Park to Open Saturday

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The Office of Sixth District City Councilmember Dee Andrews, the Long Beach Redevelopment Agency and the Department of Parks, Recreation and Marine invite the public to the opening of the Manazar Gamboa Community Theater at Homeland Cultural Center on Saturday, June 25, 2011 located in MacArthur Park. The celebration will showcase Homeland Cultural center’s programs and will include break dancing, African drumming and belly dance.

“Homeland Cultural Center is already called home for artists from all genres – musicians, visual artists, writers, poets, dancers and actors,” said Mayor Bob Foster. “The new 70-seat Manazar Gamboa Community Theater will celebrate and support the wonderful diversity, cultural traditions and will take artistic expressions to a new level in Long Beach.”

The theater is named for Manazar Gamboa, who served as the artistic director at Homeland from 1989 to 2000. He directed theater and literary programs and led writing workshops for youths, teens and adults. He was a former convict who used his talent for poetry to help others with troubled backgrounds express themselves. Gamboa passed away in December 2000.

“Manazar Gamboa empowered a generation of young people and adults to showcase their artistic creativity, channeling it through poetry, literacy, writing, and the arts. Opening this new theater will encourage the community to continue to express their creativity while allowing them a place to showcase it,” said Councilmember Dee Andrews.

The Manazar Gamboa Community Theater at Homeland Cultural Center opening and celebration is Saturday, June 25, 2011, at 10 am. Homeland Cultural Center is located in MacArthur Park at 1321 East Anaheim St., 90813.

Funding for the construction of the new theater was provided by California State Parks Proposition 12; the Long Beach Redevelopment Agency Open Space Bonds; and the City of Long Beach Park Impact Fees.

For more information on the Manazar Gamboa Community Theater opening, contact Jim Ruggirello, Homeland Supervisor, at 562.570.1655.

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