Maple Village School Educates Using Waldorf-Inspired Curriculum

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Maple Village School Educates Using Waldorf -Inspired CurriculumMaple Village School has doubled in size by adding a combined first and second grade class and a dedicated preschool class this school year. The Waldorf-inspired school has seen growing interest in the community, and has expanded its play area, hired additional teachers and staff and added additional classrooms.

“We will be adding at least one grade every year until we offer the full eight grades,” said Christina Sbarra, Administrator of Maple Village School. “We find that parents are relieved to learn that our school doesn’t overvalue daily homework or standardized tests — instead our teachers encourage imaginative play and whole body learning that develops both sides of the brain.”

Teachers and staff are dedicated to generating an inner enthusiasm for learning within every child. Even seemingly dry academic subjects are presented in a pictorial and dynamic manner. This eliminates the need for competitive testing, academic placement, and rewards to motivate learning. It allows motivation to arise from within and helps engender the capacity for joyful lifelong learning.

According to psychologist Dr. Regalena “Reggie” Melrose, “what Waldorf educators do successfully is involve and nourish the sensing, feeling parts of the brain, those easily accessed by young children, so that essential foundational neural connections needed for later academic learning are solidly laid.”

Waldorf preschool and kindergarten classes are an extension of the family experience, an intermediary step for the child between the home and formal schooling. The goal is to provide a warm, calm, secure, aesthetic environment in which the imagination and creativity of the child will flourish. In the elementary grades, teachers bring academic subjects to life by continuing to engage the students’ imagination through hands-on experiences, storytelling and artistic work.

“Waldorf schools give children the real meal they have been craving,” said Sbarra, “a living, deep, creative, balanced, and humanizing education.”

Located at 4017 E. 6th Street, Long Beach, Maple Village School endeavors to engage and nurture the whole child, resulting in a balance of heart, mind, body, and spirit. To learn more about spaces available at Maple Village School’s programs, please visit or email

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