Master Gardeners to Host Succulent Potting Workshop

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Do you want to decorate your home or patio with beautiful, drought resistant plants that even your urinating cat can’t kill? Then come to the succulent workshop!

On Saturday, August 3rd from 9 am to noon, we’ll have a chance to create bowls of succulents in the Killsby Courtyard at First Congregational Church Of Long Beach, 241 Cedar Avenue Long Beach, CA 90802. Master Gardeners Bill Pearson and Harold Sutherland will provide the succulents and will show you how to plant them and create the succulent bowls, similar to the ones shown in the event image. Money earned at this event will go to support the historic First Congregational Church Of Long Beach.

The cost is $20.00 and includes:

  • The succulents
  • The pots in which to put the succulents
  • The soil to put in the pots

To sign up for the event visit the ticket website . It will take you to the First Church donation page. Make a $20.00 donation under “Other Gifts” and paste “Succulent Workshop” in the text field next to the donation amount.

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