Mayor and Vice Mayor Propose Task Force For Land Development Surrounding Queen Mary

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Mayor Robert Garcia and Vice Mayor Suja Lowenthal of the Second Council District have proposed the creation of a Queen Mary Land Development Task Force which would provide feedback and recommendations to the city for developing the parcels adjacent to the ship. The proposal will be considered at the next City Council meeting, on June 23.

“The Queen Mary is one of our city’s most important assets, and development of the surrounding land needs to be done carefully, thoughtfully, and with significant community input,” said Mayor Garcia.

The city has been meeting with Garrison Investments, the ship’s operator and adjacent land lease holder, to develop a timeline and process for creating a new master development. The task force would kick-off the community process and provide important feedback.
Vice Mayor Lowenthal, whose district is home to the Queen Mary, said, “We all want to see the best possible use of this historic icon and property, and this Task Force will ensure that residents have a voice in this process.”
The Task Force will consist of representatives from downtown neighborhoods, as well as experts in tourism and hospitality, architecture and design, economic development, and historic preservation.

The surrounding 43.38 acres of property include the Queen Mary Events Park, parking lots, and the Sea Walk Village, as well as vacant land.

“This is a significant project for Long Beach, and we need to get it done with as much community input as possible.” said Mayor Garcia.

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