Mayoral Candidate Otto Releases Arts and Culture Vision Plan

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Mayoral Candidate Doug Otto - Photo from Doug Otto Campaign

Mayoral Candidate Doug Otto – Photo from Doug Otto Campaign

Long Beach Mayoral candidate Doug Otto released his Arts and Culture Vision Plan Thursday. The plan is the second in a series that details the key areas that Otto will address as Mayor in order to move the city forward.

“This plan focuses on the importance of arts and culture in our city, and the development and leveraging of Long Beach’s creative economy: the businesses and individuals that are involved in producing cultural, artistic, and design goods and services,” Otto said.

Otto continued: “In 2012, direct, indirect, and induced employment in the creative industries in Los Angeles County totaled 636,300 jobs – that’s over 16 percent of total employment. I believe Long Beach can achieve similar results. Our portfolio of arts and cultural assets is large and diverse, including museums, theater, performing arts, historical and cultural centers, active arts organizations, and a vast reservoir of artistic talent. But we need to support and leverage those assets far more effectively to really impact our economic future.”

“My Vision Plan for Arts and Culture outlines the steps we need to take to make Long Beach a creative capitol for the future,” Otto concluded. “As Mayor, this is what I’ll focus on:

  • Make Cultural Affairs a key component of the new Economic Development Department, as I propose in my Jobs Plan.
  • Establish a one percent art development fee on new developments to support the arts, similar to efforts in Seattle, Portland, Santa Monica, Sacramento, Pasadena, Los Angeles, San Jose, and Los Angeles County.
  • Create a Cultural Arts Advisory Council – with direct access to the Mayor.
  • Establish a cultural trust fund to aggregate arts and culture funding into one pool to maximize impact. Currently, we have a hodgepodge of initiatives from multiple departments without sound coordination.
  • Incorporate public art into the urban landscape in a thoughtful manner that makes the city itself a showplace for art.

The full details of Otto’s Vision Plan for Arts and Culture are available Here.


One Response to “Mayoral Candidate Otto Releases Arts and Culture Vision Plan”
  1. Dave Hall says:

    Doug Otto was on the LBCC Board of Trustees when more than a dozen vocational education programs were closed. Otto never met a budget cut to students and staff that he never liked but always supported the over inflated salaries of college administration. And now he proposes supporting the arts? Somehow I can’t believe he is sincere, unless of course overpaid management is part of his proposed art funding equation.