Residents to host Meditation Flash Mob Wednesday June 20th

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meditation flash mob On June 20th, celebrate the official beginning of summer by joining Long Beach residents for the 10th Meditation Flash Mob in Long Beach, occurring simultaneously with over 300 cities around the world through the MedMob network.

A “flash mob” is a large group of people meeting in a crowded public place for the purpose of engaging in a coordinated, unexpected, inspiring activity. The MedMob conducts network meditation flash mobs to increase awareness of the benefits of meditation, and to make it more commonplace in public spaces!

This MedMob will occur from 5:30-6:30pm on Weds. June 20th at the Local Harvest Farmer’s Market at Marine Stadium, at the small park facing the water behind the farmer’s market (parking around Appian and Nieto).

MedMobs typically start with a zen-style silent seated meditation that lasts about 45 minutes, and end with a sound bath, though chanting, instruments, singing bowls, all instruments welcome.

Come for a few minutes and feel the good vibes, or stay for the whole session.

All ages and experience levels are welcome.

For more information, please visit the MedMob website.

The intention behind MedMob is to create an environment for people from all religions, all world views, and all experience levels to join together in meditation. Our vision is to continue inspiring world-wide meditations until the entire world is invited to join – literally!


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  1. Suzanne Henderson Shipp says:

    This is where I’m going to be!