Meditation Program Helps Local Employees De-Stress

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For too many Americans, being stressed out has become the new norm. With a still-recovering economy, workers are putting in extra hours to make their numbers and provide for their families. With near universal access to smart phones in this country, employees never really leave the office. Ask your friends, family or co-workers how they are doing, and far too often you hear, “stressed-out as usual.”

But stress takes its toll. The American Institute of Stress has found that 3 out of 4 doctor visits in the United States are for stress-related ailments, and that stress is the basic cause of 60% of illness and disease today. Stress impacts our physical, mental and emotional health, and takes a serious toll on our work performance. Studies show that, “stress-impacted employees perform poorly, generate higher health care costs, and negatively impact their colleagues and working environment.” Added up, stress ultimately detracts from the bottom line.

Long Beach Meditation – an educational, non-sectarian nonprofit organization – has launched an Employee Mindfulness Program to help local businesses invest in the potential of their most important asset – their staff. Offering evidence-based, practical and engaging curriculum, the LBM program teaches the increasingly popular practice known as “mindfulness,” a therapeutic technique used to calm and focus the body and brain.

Dr. Victor Byrd, the founder of Long Beach Meditation, has been teaching mindfulness practices for over 25 years. “The benefits of having a mindfulness practice are well-supported. Hundreds of studies show that mindfulness training increases focus and creativity, decreases stress, and ultimately leads to clearer judgement and decision-making. I have seen positive results from the practice of mindfulness every day in the lives of the people I teach.”

Learn more about the new Corporate Employee Mindfulness Program at Courses can be one-time or ongoing, and are customizable to fit with the needs of each business.

About Long Beach Meditation
Long Beach Meditation is a non-sectarian, educational 501(c)3 nonprofit and has been teaching the art of mindfulness meditation for over 25 years. Donation-based “sits” are held during the week at the center in downtown Long Beach. In-depth courses and retreats are offered throughout the year.


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