Melissa Devine paints live at DDR Projects

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melissa-devineSee what unfolds this Friday, July 17 at 6 p.m. when Melissa Devine paints in a live performance in the DDR gallery.

In the artist’s words:

I paint because it feels natural. I paint people because idiosyncrasies excite me. Narrative interests me because it’s universal, constant and unique. No matter how thrilling or mundane life can be, narrative is always there. When these elements are all together in one and my subjects have developed a quiet pulse, I feel I have accomplished the goals intended. However, finding the life of a subject beyond the paint can be frustrating, and at times seem hopeless. But I respect the challenge and love the feeling of accomplishment when it’s complete.

I begin to create my work by visualizing how I would like my composition to look. Working from life is what I prefer but it’s not always practical, so I take reference photos and collect images and objects that inspire me. I sketch my composition loosely onto my surface then begin to paint with oil. No matter what I paint, I think about the story and how my subject might be feeling in their environment.

I’m interested in psychology, anthropology, natural sciences and the arts and painting allows me to think about all of these ideas at once. It makes me wonder and challenges me to question the world while deepening my appreciation for those who fill it. I’m interested in observing and capturing uniqueness. I try to interpret lifestyles because I’m interested in what’s current and normal to others. I share stories and perspectives that are interpreted by what I see because I think narrative is what connects us to one another.

Every Friday, DDR Projects Fine Art Gallery hosts a new artist who paints live at the gallery. This will be an ongoing collaborative event between each artist, every week. DDR Projects is located at 3403 East Broadway (at Redondo). For more information call (562) 434-8480 or go online to

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