Michael Bauch’s, “Riding Bikes with the Dutch” Headlines May 9th at Long Beach Bicycle Film Festival

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Every weekday at my son’s daycare in Los Altos, Michael Bauch, or his wife Rachel, happily arrive with their helmeted three-year-old son on the back of their bike and I (So. Cal. Girl that I am) always wonder: “Don’t they own a car?”  The more I saw their smiling faces on those bikes, the more my thoughts turned toward the simplicity and convenience included in those pedals. For health’s sake, for the environment, for maybe a couple of pounds less, I should get a bike too. Driving a whole six blocks to daycare seems much too “L.A. Story.”

One morning I asked Michael what kind of bike he’d recommend I use to take my boys to school. I’m thinking, Cruiser, 10-speed … and he says, “A Dutch bicycle would work great.” A What? Later that day, Michael e-mailed me a link to a project he’d been working on; an inspirational movie called, “Riding Bikes with the Dutch.” That’s how I found out that he is not only an avid bicyclist, but also a successful independent filmmaker for more than 14 years. I watched the movie trailer with a smile on my face — It’s infectious. In fact, one of my first observations about bicycle riding is that I am bound to see more smiling people riding bikes than I will driving cars.

Just months before Long Beach started upping its evermore bicycle-friendly image with creative bike racks and “sharrows” on its streets, Michael showed me a sample of what Long Beach and surrounding residents can expect to see in the years to come. This year’s three-day Long Beach Bicycle Festival (May 7-9) will have plenty of examples, and if you want to see what the awesome contraption called the “Dutch Bicycle” is all about, don’t miss Michael Bauch’s movie premier of, “Riding Bikes with the Dutch” on Sunday, May 9 at 5pm, at the Art Theatre (in the 4th Street Retro Row of Long Beach). Check out the details by clicking on the “coming soon” section of the Art Theatre website.

For more information on the three-day Long Beach bicycle festival, check out the Long Beach Bike Festival website.

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One Response to “Michael Bauch’s, “Riding Bikes with the Dutch” Headlines May 9th at Long Beach Bicycle Film Festival”
  1. Rachel Bauch says:

    Thank you so much Deana!! You are such a gifted writer. Hope you can make it out to see the film! Bring family!