Michelle Mangione, Grace Slick take over the airwaves this weekend

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mangione-grace-slickThe Summer of Love…As we celebrate the 40th anniversary of Woodstock, Michelle Mangione is busy ushering in a brand new (but never improved) Summer of Love.

Mangione and Grace Slick have been invited to appear on two of the hottest SoCal radio stations. Turn up to volume and listen that beautiful voice and those inspiring ukulele strings broadcast from local stations.

Songwriter and acclaimed drummer Michelle Mangione has just released her second CD What is a Saint. The lyrics to the title track were co-written with rock icon Grace Slick (formerly of Jefferson Airplane). Slick, who describes Mangione as “…a gifted artist and poetic songwriter” also contributed lyrics to the song “Love Disappears.”

From its inception much of What is a Saint was created primarily by Mangione in her home “bedroom” studio – from writing to arrangements, to production to performances. In addition to most of the acoustic and electric guitar work on the record, she plays drums, piano and percussion.

Here’s where to find the love this week:

95.5 FM on KLOS (Los Angeles)
Friday, August 14 at 8pm
Join host Jim Ladd for an interview with Michelle and Grace and some of Michelle’s songs. You can also listen live online at: http://www.955klos.com/

100.3 FM on The Sound (Los Angeles)
Sunday, August 16 from 6-7pm
Grace Slick will be guest DJ, playing some of her favorite Michelle songs (as well as a bunch of other artists). You can also listen live online at: http://www.thesoundla.com/

Read more about Michelle Mangione’s musical process in the written documentary of her “Making of the What Is A Saint video.”


2 Responses to “Michelle Mangione, Grace Slick take over the airwaves this weekend”
  1. dave says:

    grace and ann wilson -alanis morissette-janis joplin -stevie nicks oh and I can’t leave out my new love michelle mangione these gals are one of a kind that come along just one time only and I thank god i was born when I was .

  2. Kathy says:

    If Grace Slick says Michelle Mangione is somebody to listen to, I take it seriously. I ordered Michelle’s CDs from her site. Grace is, was, always shall be, my favorite singer and original riot grrrrl. Live long, and keep kickin’ out the jams, Grace! Kathy