National Association for Balanced Moms Presents Moms Night Out

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Registration opens to the public on Saturday, April 2nd for Long Beach’s first Moms Night Out Extravagance presented by the National Association for Balanced Moms (NAFBM). This is a red carpet event that takes place on Friday, May 20th at The Grand Event Center and is exclusively for all hard-working moms who just want to Recharge, Rejuvenate and Let Loose!

Each mom guest will enjoy a fun and relaxing evening with a fabulous dinner, a Diva Dessert Bar, a Mamatini Bar, an Accessorize Me Fashion Show, Mini-Mama Massages, a chance to win amazing door prizes, an array of vendors that cater to moms and a Zumba Dance Party.

It’s a night for moms to be pampered. So, each mom-guest will go home with a Diva Mom Gift Bag worth up to $200 in products and discounts.

In addition, moms get to party for a purpose. The entire Raffle and 10% of the event proceeds will benefit Children Today, a Long Beach organization that provides programs to children facing homelessness.

“Yes, I think it’s a necessary thing for us moms to take some time to laugh with each other, connect, and celebrate motherhood,” said Jennifer Griner, founder of NAFBM and mother of 2 very active children. “And not only do we get to have a fabulous time, we do it with purpose by helping an amazing charity in our community. How can that get any better?”

NAFBM is an organization dedicated to providing the inspiration, tools and resources for moms to recharge and rejuvenate through the membership website and the various mom retreats and events. A free annual membership is included in each admission ticket to the Moms Night Out Extravagance event.

Children Today is a non-profit organization that provides free child care, preschool and family support services to children and families facing homelessness. To find out more information about their program, go to

For a limited time, NAFBM is offering great registration specials to their Facebook members. Visit their website, for additional information to this amazing event.

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