Monthly Gas and Water Meter Reading Comes to Long Beach

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As early as next week, Long Beach Gas and Water customers will begin benefitting from the City’s switch to a monthly meter reading schedule. For the past few months Corix Utilities, the company tasked with providing the new monthly meter reading service for the City of Long Beach, has been operating a pilot meter reading program in different areas of the City. With the pilot program being deemed a success, Corix will now take over full-time responsibility for reading all gas and water meters throughout Long Beach.

For more information on the City’s switch to monthly meter reading, please view the commonly asked questions below:

City of Long Beach Contract Meter Readers
Meter Reading Questions & Answers

When will Corix, the new contract meter reader for the City of Long Beach, begin monthly meter reading?

Starting August 2010, Corix meter readers will read Long Beach residential and commercial gas and water meters and Signal Hill gas meters every month.

Will the Corix meter readers be easy to identify?

Corix meter readers will wear a Corix ID badge and khaki‐colored uniforms with a bright yellow safety vest with ‘Meter Reader’ on the back. They will drive vehicles marked Corix, Approved Meter Reader for the City of Long Beach.

Will my meter reading date change?

Your meter reading date may change as Corix learns the routes and makes changes to be more efficient. Watch your bill each month for your next meter reading date.

Who do I call if I have questions about a Corix meter reader?

Call Corix at (562) 424‐4223

Will my utility bills change with Corix reading my meters?

You will continue to receive your water, refuse and/or gas bill each month from the City of Long Beach.

You should see fewer estimated bills with the new monthly meter reading, as long as Corix meter readers have access to your meters. If you’ve changed your lock, please call (562) 570‐5700 to arrange access.

Who will read my electric meter?

SCE will continue to read your electric meters.

Will Corix be helping Long Beach to “go green”?

Corix is on board with helping our City to become an eco‐friendly community. Their entire fleet is made up of hybrid vehicles.

Who do I call if I have questions about my utility bill?

Call a Long Beach Utility Billing Customer Service Rep at (562) 570‐5700 or visit the City of Long Beach website.

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