More plans for the future of bicycling in Long Beach

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bike-bicyle-long-beachThe City of Long Beach is working hard to become the most bicycle friendly city in the United States, and is actively considering ways other cities have successfully evolved to safely incorporate cycling into the streetscape.

On Monday, June 15, residents are invited to a special presentation about traffic circles, bike boulevards, and other innovations on the horizon in Long Beach. Michael Moule, a recognized expert in quality street design for cycling, will share his vision at a free lecture at 6:00 pm at Utopia Restaurant, 445 E. 1st St. Mr. Moule is a Tampa, Fla., traffic engineer who has previously worked in Seattle.

Rock Miller, a respected leader among traffic engineers in Southern California, will present specific opportunities for bike boulevard treatments in various Long Beach locations. The event is hosted by Brian Ulaszewski, Project Design Director, Studio 111, and Charles Gandy, City of Long Beach Mobility Coordinator.

The bold goal set by Long Beach of becoming the next great bike city in America has served as a catalyst for money and talent moving to Long Beach. Since this goal was established in 2007, literally millions of dollars have come from outside Long Beach in the form of grants and funding allocations to help achieve this bold goal. Business owners have taken voluntary leadership positions in this campaign. Specialists in bicycle education, planning and street design have joined the team. The City of Long Beach recognizes the economic development potential of this bold goal and is capitalizing on it.

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