NAACP Recognizes LB’s Community Leaders at Black History Tribute

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lb-naacp-sqThe NAACP Long Beach Branch will conduct a Special Black History Program Tribute, on February 17, 2013 at 3:00 pm at Ernest McBride Sr. Park, 1550 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd, Long Beach, CA 90801.

The purpose of this event is to recognize the contributions of African Americans have made in their community and nation’s history. The origins of Black History Month can be traced to the scholar Carter G. Woodson, who in 1926 conceived a yearly celebration to help rectify the omission of African Americans from history books.  Today, the observance of Black History Month throughout the United States stands as a testament to the success of Woodson’s project and an example of how we can work together to make the teaching of history more honest.

At this event, the Long Beach Branch NAACP will recognize both you and adults for their community contributions and outstanding leadership. 

The youth honorees at the Black History Tribute program are:

  • Dorielle Holly, talented Violinist;
  • Christa Olumese, Exceptional LB NAACP College Scholar;
  • Nailah Waterfield, Academic Achievement at Duke University.
  • Hanh Nguyen, is being recognized for Leadership, Ethnic Unity, President of the Vietnamese Student Association
  • Andrew Dupas II, is an exceptional young community artist who was commissioned to do a special art piece for the new Chancellor of the CSU System Dr. Timothy White.
  • Jarae Holieway, is a rising zydeco musical artist.

The adults to be honored as the Shoulders We Stand on are as follows:

  • Charles Ussery, the first African American Police Chief for the city of Long Beach; Ernest McBride Jr., for his family service in Civil Rights;
  • William Barnes, for his work as an educator at Long Beach Community College;
  • Doris Topsy-Elovrd, for her Civil Service on the Long Beach city council and Harbor Commissioner;
  • Vera Mulkey; is recognized for her outstanding community service;
  • Lauretta Sampson, for religious service and her contributions to the NAACP;
  • Marie Treadwell,  first female NAACP President and other community service;
  • Evelyn Knight, is recognized for outstanding community service and non profit work;
  • Judge Marcus Tucker (RET), is recognized for his work in the legal field as a juvenile court judge;
  • Alta Cooke, will be recognized for being the First African American Music Teach in LBUSD and the first high school principal;
  • Herb Levi, is being recognized for outstanding Civil Service;
  • Dr. Minnie Douglas, recognition for her Healthcare Profession/Educator and community service;
  • Bobbie Smith, recognized for being the first African American to serve on LBUSD Board;
  • Frank Cummings, will be recognized for being an Art Professor at CSULB, and his work being showcased in movies;
  • Aaron Day, will be recognized for work in the area of Genealogy;
  • Margaret Brown, is being recognized for being a trailblazer in education in the LBUSD;
  • Charlotte Berry, is being recognized for her work in CSULB and  community service.
  • Clarence Smith, for being the second African American to serve on the Long Beach city council.

The aforementioned group and others have been invited to participate in the LB NAACP Black History Month Program. Other ceiling barrier and trailblazers are welcomed to attend. This program is opened to the public.

For additional information contact the LB Branch NAACP via email at or via telephone (562) 856-7586.


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