National Stop on Red Week is a Go

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National Stop on Red WeekThe Long Beach Police Department is taking a stand against red light running and encouraging safe driving habits during National Stop on Red Week, which runs from August 1–7 nationwide.

Created in 2001 by the National Campaign to Stop Red Light Running, Stop on Red Week is meant to remind drivers to drive less aggressively, pay attention while driving and no matter what, stop when the light turns red.

Intersection safety is an important topic as the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports that motorists are more likely to be injured in urban crashes involving red light running than in other types of urban crashes.  Intersection crashes account for more than 40% of all reported crashes and 21% of all fatal crashes.

The Long Beach Police Department implemented a red light camera program in 2001, to improve intersection safety in the community.  National trends show that the number of violations occurring at locations with intersection safety cameras decrease the longer they have been active.

Cameras operate 24-hours a day, and capture images of every vehicle entering an intersection after the traffic signal is already red.  Each and every violation is reviewed by a police officer, which decides if the violator should be cited and mailed the citation. The cameras are operated in the City of Long Beach at the following intersections:

  • 7th Street  / Redondo Avenue
  • Artesia Boulevard / Cherry Avenue
  • Bellflower Boulevard / Willow Avenue
  • Long Beach Boulevard / Anaheim Street
  • Long Beach Boulevard / Wardlow Road

The Long Beach Police Department is committed to improving traffic safety and reminds drivers to Stop on Red and drive safer towards a safer community. Officers will be deployed to enforce red light running throughout the city. For further information contact Detective Jeff Jonkey of the Red Light Enforcement office at (562) 570-7355.

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