Get your copy of The List! Catalog of neighborhood groups updated for 2010

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long beach neighborhood organizationsThe Neighborhood Resource Center (NRC) just announced the release of The List of Neighborhood Groups 2010 (aka The List)—a directory of neighborhood organizations in Long Beach.

What is new about The List of Long Beach Neighborhood Groups and Organizations?

The List, which updates and replaces the 2007 Directory of Neighborhood Organizations previously published by the City of Long Beach’s Department of Planning and Building (now Long Beach Development Services), includes contact information and maps.

The names of the Neighborhood Groups are arranged and listed in four categories:

  1. Neighborhood Associations
  2. Home/Condo/Own-Your-Own/Cooperatives & Associations (HOA & OYO)
  3. Citywide Community Organizations
  4. Business Associations

The contact information description is in English, Spanish and Khmer. the List also includes descriptions of neighborhood association boundaries with a map that shows neighborhood associations, neighborhood watch groups and business corridor associations. Updated information for the neighborhood groups will be available quarterly in the on-line edition of The List.

The List does not include all non-commercial or non-profit organizations in Long Beach. It only includes groups that are established for the purpose of community and neighborhood improvement that have also submitted their information to the Neighborhood Resource Center.

If you do not see your neighborhood group listed and would like it to be included, or if your group is listed and you wish for us to make any changes, please visit our website (listed below) and download the Group Information Form and submit it. A Listing Criteria document is also available to download for you to review before submitting the Group Information Form.

Visit the link below to download a current copy of the “List of Neighborhood Groups in Long Beach 2010” or to submit a “Group Information Form” to request your group to be published in The List.

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