New Bikestation Long Beach and South Promenade Construction

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bikestationThe new Bikestation Long Beach on First Street between Pine Avenue and Long Beach Boulevard is under construction. The facility is scheduled to be complete by the end of February 2011. This unique structure will offer secure, indoor bicycle parking (free during regular business hours and 24/7 secure parking for members) a bike shop, bike rentals and professional repair services. If you are interested in more information or membership, please visit the Bikestation website.

Construction of improvements on the south block of The Promenade between Ocean Boulevard and First Street will begin the week of October 18, 2010. The improvements, scheduled to be complete in February 2011, include new landscaping and trees, seating, pedestrian and special lighting and an art plaza, all designed to create a pleasant and safe pedestrian.


2 Responses to “New Bikestation Long Beach and South Promenade Construction”
  1. Jayme Bassett says:

    Is this the same Long Beach Bikestation that was supposed to be finished by December of 2009? haha!

    Looks like a pretty fancy bike rack if you ask me. I wonder if the CEO will start riding her bike to work now?

  2. leetracy says:

    Hey, Jayme! Hope you are doing well.

    As you probably know, I am a Bikestation member. Part of the reason I joined was because of the awesome people working there at the time, like Dominic and Travis and Katie and Brent. Not all of these cool people are still there, but still. Good people made me appreciate it in the first place. People who were welcoming and helpful and enthusiastic about cycling.

    Beyond the good people, the big reason I joined was that I would not be able to relax about my bike being safe were it parked at a regular bike rack while I did the commute and workday in downtown LA. I’d be too worried about pieces of it being gone when I got back, or the whole thing being gone. And it’s usually too crowded on the trains (and my work)for me to be comfortable taking my bike to the office with me. Being able to park my bike at a safe and secure place — Bikestation– is the main reason I am car-free most days. Perhaps that’s an issue of perception vs reality — perhaps my bike, properly locked with u-locks and cables, would be fine. But I am not brave enough to find out.

    Now, I am not surprised that the CEO of Bikestation may not ride a bike, because most people living a bikeable distance from work don’t bike. I don’t get it — one of the reasons I moved to Long Beach last year was specifically because it was bikeable and walkable, so people who move to Long Beach and keep driving everywhere confuse me. But most Long Beach residents are like that, and I think it’s important to recognize reality. Most people are drivers in a city that’s much easier walking and riding.

    There are probably ways to encourage such folks to bike to work. I do things like Bike Valet with the LB Cyclists, and other volunteer things, in order to help people find it easier to choose their bike. But the big thing I do, the thing I think that’s really the only way to encourage others to bike, is to ride everywhere I can, in a VC way. I know that you do this, and I hope you realize how powerful it is when people encounter you on the street. It may take thousands of sightings of cyclists for a car driver to figure out that they, too, could be riding their bike rather than driving, but I think people eventually get the idea. It’s just a question of being out there and helping the idea get into their heads.

    This is another good thing about the new Bikestation — when it is opened up and it’s right there, plainly visible on the Transit Mall, it will get people thinking. There are people who go to the Transit Mall regularly who don’t know Bikestation exists, because it’s out of sight up on Broadway.