New Long Beach Free School Seeking Resident Professors

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resident professors wanted at Long Beach Free School

Long Beach Free School is looking for teachers.

With the motto “Everyone a student; everyone a teacher” the new Long Beach Free School is set to launch this summer providing a grassroots education system for young people and adults to engage in lifelong learning. This new project from the Catalyst Network of Communities will begin open enrollment for students on May 20th for the first term of classes being held July 7 – August 17, 2013 in locations throughout Long Beach. Coordinators of the project are calling on members of the community to apply as “resident professors” to teach a six-week class on any subject of interest.

“We’re looking for people who have a desire to share their knowledge with others. You don’t have to be an expert; we believe everyone has something to teach,” said Rachael Rifkin, co- coordinator for the project.

Those interested in teaching a class will need to complete an application and attend one of the Teacher Recruitment Days, either Saturday, March 16th at 1 pm or Thursday, March 21st at 7 pm, in order to meet the free school coordinators. Location information will be given to those who RSVP to Applications can be downloaded at

Without being confined to any single building or location, the city landscape will become the campus of the new free school as participating coffee shops, businesses, restaurants, park benches, beach fronts, and meeting halls are re-purposed and designated as alternative classrooms. All classes are free to students and will be held during a six-week term. There will be classes for kids and adults. Some classes could be multigenerational. Some classes could be taught by kids. The coordinators would like to see adults learning from kids for a change. The scope and diversity of the free school experience will be shaped by the creativity of everyone who participates.

“The residents of Long Beach are such a wealth of knowledge, skills and experiences,” said Kirsten Hale, co-coordinator for the free school. “Bringing residents together to learn from one another facilitates connection, strengthens inter-neighborhood bonds and uncovers hidden treasures in the people surrounding us. What can be more empowering than learning from each other?” she said.

Students will receive a certificate at an end-of-term reception that will be held on Saturday, August 17, 2013. Students and resident professors will also have an opportunity to share their learning experiences with each other and discuss the next free school term in the fall.

The Long Beach Free School will track students’ participation in various classes and will provide students with their individual Lifelong Learning Transcript. Similar to a traditional school’s academic transcript, a Lifelong Learning Transcript will document the wide variety of subjects that a person engages in over a life time. It will be a great tool for individuals to measure their personal enrichment or to provide content for a resume or career portfolio.

The Long Beach Free School is a new project of the Catalyst Network of Communities, a 501c3 nonprofit social impact organization helping people and groups to connect, collaborate, and share resources. With rising public concerns about the lack of education funding and also the lack of availability for important arts, music, and sports programs, Catalyst hopes that this new project will provide an alternative and supplemental form of education for members of the community.

For more information about the Long Beach Free School or to apply as a resident professor, go to  or call (562) 287-4661.


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