L.A. County Restaurants Welcome Dogs to Outdoor Dining Areas

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Restaurants allow dogs

The Los Angeles policy allowing dogs at outdoor restaurants will not affect local eateries because Long Beach has its own health department.

A new public health policy will give Los Angeles county restaurants with outdoor dining areas the authority to allow dogs, says County Supervisor Don Knabe. The change was prompted by the group interest of restaurant owners, dogs and their two-legged dining companions.

“This new policy has been a long time coming for the residents of Los Angeles County. Though it will be up to the restaurant’s discretion whether to allow dogs in its outdoor eating area, this new policy is a benefit to both small businesses and the community,” said Supervisor Knabe. 

“This policy will give restaurant owners an opportunity to attract new business and to better serve their two-legged and four-legged patrons.”

Restaurants must follow an established set of guidelines if they choose to allow pet dogs to enter the exterior areas of a food facility’s outdoor dinning area. The new policy goes into effect immediately in Los Angeles County restaurants that are inspected by Public Health; areas not subject to this policy are Pasadena, Long Beach and Vernon.

Click to view the Department of Public Health’s Guidelines for the Allowance of Pet Dogs in Outdoor Dining Areas.

Photo by AstridWestvang

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