New Trees Provide for Improved Landscaping on The Promenade North Block

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Improved Landscaping on The Promenade North Block

Podocarpus Tree – Photo from Wikipedia

Existing palm trees being offered free to the community

As the City of Long Beach embarks on the final phase of the Promenade Master Plan Improvements, new landscaping is planned for the Promenade North Block. Sixteen mature Washingtonia Robusta palm trees will be replaced with more than 50 trees, including Dwarf Washington Naval, Gingko Biloba, and Podocarpus, as well as a variety of shrubs and vines.

Relocating the palm trees was considered, but is infeasible due to the costs involved and the loss of the Redevelopment Agency to fund that considerable expense. Recognizing that there may be entities that may want these palm trees, the City is offering the trees for free, granted that the recipient is responsible for all costs and permitting associated with their removal and relocation. Interested persons can call 562.570.5160 by Thursday, August 30.

The Promenade improvements also include an upgraded storm drain, new lighting, traffic signal, signage and bicycle racks.

The Promenade is the City’s unique downtown pedestrian walkway that stretches from Ocean Boulevard to 3rd Street. What was once a stark, under-utilized pedestrian walkway in downtown Long Beach is developing into a beautifully landscaped space for residents, visitors and businesses to enjoy.

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