North Long Beach unveils Lion of Judah mural at His Nesting Place

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Neighbors, city officials and community activists gathered, Saturday January 30 for the dedication of “The Lion of Judah” mural at 350 East Market Street (corner of Market & Elm) in Long Beach. The mural space, donated by His Nesting Place, is on the side of the building that can be seen by both cars passing down Market and the residential community nearby.

The mural was spearheaded by Scott Blumenthal and his daughter Laura. The family was inspired to create the mural because of Laura’s personal history with His Nesting Place, a crisis pregnancy center in Long Beach. The organization offers free pregnancy tests, counseling and guidance based on Christian values to women who come to them. Watch this video to hear Blumenthal tell the story of how the Lion of Judah mural came to be:

Dreams & Visions Art Company created the artwork of The Lion of Judah with an Angel Child on his back to replace a wall heavily graffiti’d over the last 10 years. Since starting on the mural in June 2009, over 8 months ago, the wall has not been tagged. Dreams & Visions Art Company has painted “hundreds of murals” in Long Beach said lead artist Abner Rivera, and has a 99% success rate with keeping the walls graffiti-free. Learn more about this mural company in this interview with the artist.


14 Responses to “North Long Beach unveils Lion of Judah mural at His Nesting Place”
  1. Angela says:

    Wow! Beautiful. The fact that it has not been tagged on since last year is amazing and goes to show that even “hoodlums” can appreciate art, or perhaps the Good Lord Himself likes it and it’s just not going to get tagged on! I like the thought of that better.

  2. Kelly says:


    Followup necessary: Who paid for the mural, who owns the building the mural is on, and which city “officials” will be in attendance?

  3. Editor says:

    Everything Long Beach attended the opening and we will definitely have a follow up! Stay tuned.

  4. Barbara says:

    I certainly hope the city did not contribute in any way to this project which is in support of a clearly religious organization – one which flies in the face of women’s constitutional right of reproductive freedom. Not to mention…. it is BUTT UGLY and cartoonish! This is not not the kind of art that the citizens of Long Beach should have to look at. This kind of thing belongs on the inside walls not the outside walls. I’m not sure it is much better than tagging.

  5. Scott Blumenthal says:

    Barbara….so sorry you don’t appreciate the mural….most everyone else does but that is what art is about, a personal thing and everyone is different in their tastes….you seem to have a real distaste for the subject matter and that is too bad….did you read the mural story?… you know what the mural represents?…or are you so set against the nature of it (which is your own making) that you can’t get through it?….this was the result of CHOICE…….the choice being one to have life….is that wrong?…..can’t a woman decide to have a baby and it be okay?…..again you seem stuck in your mire……take care and God Bless you!

  6. Christi says:

    Barbara, Too bad your mother didn’t excercise her Constitutional right to abort you. You are obviously a culture of death supporter and a hater. This mural represents a ‘choice’ of life over death. When a woman says ‘yes’ to sex, she is making a choice, if she becomes pregnant, that was a choice, so why does the baby have to suffer being pulled apart limb from limb, because a woman had no sense and didn’t know about where babies come from? You must be a Marxist and an atheist. But that is ok in this country. You can have any opinion you want, just like I can, and any other woman who chooses life over murder. I think you should have been aborted! That is MY opinion.

  7. Scott Blumenthal says:

    Angela…..thank you for your nice comments!

  8. Scott Blumenthal says:

    Christi………right on!

  9. Scott Blumenthal says:

    A hearty THANK YOU to Everything Long Beach for the nice pics, video and articles!

  10. Barbara says:

    So Christie, I guess that means it is ok with you to “abort” adults you don’t agree with? Wow, that is pretty scary 😉

  11. Scott Blumenthal says:

    Barbara….that’s not what Christi said.

  12. Scott Blumenthal says:

    And Barbara, this is exactly the kind of art Long Beach citizens want to look at! The neighborhood turned out for this event in droves and everyone had a good time. Out of the hundreds of “good and nice” comments about the mural, yours was the only negative one (perhaps so far), and your lone opinion certainly does not speak for he community. The people like and want art. Fact!

  13. abner says:

    yo! barbara the city did not pay for this particular mural. BUT THEY DID ON MY LAST ONE! AND THE ONE BEFORE!! AND THE ONE BEFORE THAT ONE!!! and they are also going to fund ”MY NEXT MURAL! AND THE ONE AFTER THAT!! wont b the same theme though.I dont usually brag,but the city recently awarded me a ”MASTER ARTIST” award on the dedication of my ”WELCOME TO LONG BEACH”mural wich was funded by PARTNERS OF PARKS, LB NEIGHBORHOOD SERVICES and THE DEPARTMENT OF PARKS REC AND MARINE!!! so i dont think the city or the neighborhood will agree with u! maybe you’ll like the next one! or the next one!! or the next one!!! one of our specialties is the many styles we posess!traditional brush, airbrush and many many ”GRAFFITI STYLES”aka BURNERS! do u know this term? u seem to know about ”TAGGING” r u an artist? can u do better? u must because u sure talk! if not than thats all u are ”TALK” so keep on talking, me and my organization will keep painting the earth and teaching the young ”TAGGERS” that there is a better way!.Talk is cheap and cheap doesnt last!!! so get a new hobby, maibe something to beautify or better your neighborhood, till then take care and GOD BLESS U!. By the way , i dont think aborting grown up people is possible. P.S. i love cartoons, and if my butt looked like the mural ”I’D MOON EVERYBODY!!!

  14. Christi says:

    Barbara, What is REAALLLLLLLLLY scary is; every 26 seconds a baby is ripped apart limb from limb while in it’s mother’s womb, with no anesthetic, by a mother who finds the child an inconvenience! It’s a baby, not a choice! Your comment was crass and shows you didn’t even listen to the videos that reveal who funded this private project. How many of us would still be here if abortion was somehow retroactive to the year 1950?… or even if it were retroactive to the year 1900? What happened to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?