Occupy Long Beach Activists Organize Home Defense Empowerment Workshop

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Home Defense Empowerment WorkshopOn February 18 from 3-6pm, residents are invited to attend a Home Defense Empowerment Workshop at First Congregational Church in Long Beach at 241 Cedar Avenue  Long Beach, CA 90802. The workshop is a collaboration of an experienced real estate agent, ACCE and Occupy Long Beach.

More than two million California homeowners owed more on their homes than they were worth last year according to Santa Ana-based research firm, Core Logic. According to CreditSesame.com, over 30% of California homes are underwater. A quick foreclosure search on Foreclosure.com will yield almost 2000 foreclosures in Long Beach alone.

Occupy Long Beach believes it “is time for us to stand together as a community and proclaim ‘Enough is enough,’ much in the way that was done during the Great Depression.” 

The Home Defense Empowerment Workshop marks the beginning of a campaign to end foreclosures for profit and keep the citizens of Long Beach and the greater Los Angeles Metropolitan Area in their homes.

This workshop will provide the resources necessary for a motivated homeowner to successfully defend their homes. It is also the right workshop for any friend, family member, activist or person interested in learning more about home defense and the Occupy Homes movement. Recent home defense actions have made it clear that community and personal network support is a critical component of this campaign. This workshop will also provide many of the tools needed to meet your neighbors and speak with them about the campaign you intend to work on.

Occupy Long Beach has set up a mass text alert system will include information on emergency calls for support from local homeowners. Subscribe to by texting “@HomeDefense” to 23559.

Details can be found on the “Scheduled Actions” section of occupylb.org, as well as the events link on Facebook. It is requested that attendees RSVP to the Facebook event page, or those without Facebook can send an email to OccupyLongBeachActions@gmail.com.

Occupy Long Beach is a gathering of people who demand social and economic justice, we are fighting to create an equitable, healthy and sustainable future for all. To achieve true democracy, we will engage our community to wrest power away from institutions that place profits over people–corporate greed over human need. Inclusive of the full spectrum of diversity in Long Beach, we stand in solidarity with the Occupy movement across the globe.

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