Members of Occupy Long Beach Speak at City Council Meeting [VIDEO]

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At Tuesday night’s Long Beach City Council meeting, five supporters of Occupy Long Beach (OLB) spoke during public comment. Chris Robson, Molly Marina Haupt, Jonah Quest and Tammara Phillips explained why they are involved with the movement and asked the council to support OLB.

Video of Occupy Long Beach Speech

The fifth speaker, Peter Rosenwald, did not mention the Occupy Long Beach directly, but addressed a public health issue that OLB had previously brought to the council’s attention.

The television and streaming web broadcasts went mute after Ms. Haupt’s speech.  According to multiple reports, the audio resumed only after Mr. Rosenwald had finished. Occupy Long Beach says they will address this matter with City Representatives at tomorrow’s operations meeting.

Two Councilmembers voiced their support of Occupy Long Beach, District 1 member Robert Garcia, who addressed the noise and pollution of the lighting generators, and District 8 council member Rae Gabelich, who suggested some modification of the non-camping statutes be considered. A third Councilmember, Gerrie Shipskie asked the City Manager why they had not been informed that the Porta Pottys Mr. Rosenwald referred to had been cleaned, which indicated a degree of support for OLB.

According to Occupy Long Beach, the group is in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street and other occupations across the globe. This is a nonviolent, nonpartisan movement. Everyone is welcome to join them at Lincoln Park on Pacific and Broadway in downtown Long Beach. For more information about Occupy Long Beach: ,

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