Occupy Long Beach Sets Sights on Signal Hill, Rallies to Save Family From Foreclosure

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Rachel New and her family

Occupy Long Beach is taking on the cause of Rachel New and her family who are in danger of losing their home in Signal Hill.

Rachel New and her family—two young daughters, disabled mother, a disabled aunt, and brothers—are threatened with eviction from her home in Signal Hill despite trying for over a year to negotiate a loan modification with her bank.

Rachel came to this country as an immigrant from the killing fields of Cambodia, where she was beaten and starved and saw people shot. She worked hard, graduated from CSU-LB, where she has worked for over 17 years. By the time her dream home was completed, it was underwater. 

Rachel and her husband are now separated and he is unable to pay child support, so she is trying to maintain the household on only her income. She took a second job, and her brothers contribute what they can.

Last year, she began to negotiate a mortgage modification. The loan was transferred to a number of banks, each one asking for the same documentation. The mortgage ended with Wells Fargo. Rachel called the bank almost daily. On the morning of September 28, 2011, Rachel was once more told the modification was “pending.” That afternoon she received notice that the modification was denied. The next day, the bank sold the property to itself for half of what Rachel owed.

Rachel says that in Cambodia, she was afraid at night because that’s when the killing happened. Now, she is afraid in the morning because that’s when she worries that she will receive an eviction notice.


2 Responses to “Occupy Long Beach Sets Sights on Signal Hill, Rallies to Save Family From Foreclosure”
  1. gloria garcia says:

    stop the madness. let the woman and her family stay in her home. quit being so greedy.

  2. Toni Kukreja says:

    The banks getting away with this is inconceivable.