Odin the Sea Lion Passes Away Unexpectedly at Aquarium of the Pacific

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Odin - sea lion at Aquarium of Pacific

The Aquarium of the Pacific adopted Odin when the rescued sea lion was deemed 'unreleasable' due to health problems.

The Aquarium of the Pacific is mourning the passing of Odin, one of its most beloved California sea lions. Odin passed away Sunday afternoon moments after a sudden onset of tremors.

This came as a shock as Odin had shown no signs of illness or trauma, had been eating well, and his prior physical exams were normal.

Before arriving to the Aquarium, Odin had been found stranded and malnourished as a pup in 2006 on Zuma Beach in California and was deemed un-releasable to the wild because he was completely blind and could not hunt for food. 

“When he joined our mammals in his new home, he was quickly adopted by our other sea lions who accompanied him around the exhibit for the first time. After that, he could glide around the exhibit on his own,” said Perry Hampton, Aquarium of the Pacific vice president of animal husbandry.

Odin was named after a Norse mythological character who had given up an eye to drink from the fountain of wisdom.

“He was one of our smartest animals. Although he was blind and rescued from the wild, he would often learn things faster than other sea lions with full vision,” said Hampton.

The male sea lion had been a favorite among staff and visitors who were inspired by Odin. “He will be greatly missed,” said Hampton.

Prior to the tremors which preceded the sea lion’s death, Odin’s behavior had been normal. The Aquarium is conducting further medical investigations into this.

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