On Top of the World in Alamitos Beach

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By Yvonne Hogan

I love Long Beach!  One of the best things about Long Beach is my neighborhood Alamitos Beach.There are over 50,000 people in my neighborhood which is a city within a city. I live two blocks from Bixby Park on Cherry and Broadway where I have met people from all over the world.  During the summer my neighbors and I take a picnic and blanket  over to hear the best city band ever.

I actually feel like I live in a charming small town.  A small town with a very diverse population.  Families live here, homosexuals live here,  people with money and people with hardly any money live here.

When I walk into my Alamitos Library, I’m walking into a Library that has been servicing this neighborhood for over one hundred years.  When I want to go out for great food or entertainment I just go two and a half miles either east or west and I have access to the best restaurants or live plays and concerts or sports at Long Beach Performing Arts Center, Sports Arena, or Long Beach Terrace Threatre.

Getting old can actually be an asset in my neighborhood because I am within walking distance of the Senior Center which has so many activities and classes and services for seniors.  W

hat I like best about my neighborhood of Alamitos Beach is walking over to the bluff and looking down upon the world famous landmark the Queen Mary, and looking at all the cargo ships, sail boats, people jogging, people biking, roller bladeing, or on the sand.

I feel like “I’m on top of the world” in Alamitos Beach.

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